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Oh So Graceful...

 Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well, it was just before 8pm and I decided to hit the road for a quick run, I thought I could get a few miles in before it got dark.  It was getting a bit dark a little quicker than I expected, so I decided to head back home.  I was probably only about a couple hundred yards away from home, when all of a sudden the sidewalk moved (I swear it had to have jumped up right in front me!), I tripped fell!  Apparently, I tried to catch myself, which didn't work!  I kept moving forward, landed on my hands, then my knees, and I guess tried to catch myself because I ended up doing a summersault, which resulted in landing on my elbow.  What a sight!  I am glad I gave the kids driving by a show & something to laugh about.  Not sure it was worth all the bruises, scraped hands, knees, and elbow.  Gotta love my awesome skills.  At least I am laughing about it...

I need my own 'boo bunny'.  Do they make one for silly uncoordinated people like me?!?


Baseball Game

 Monday, August 30, 2010

We went to the baseball game on Friday night.  It was a local Minor League Team, the Frisco Roughriders.  It was a cooler day...under 100 degrees!  I will take that.  We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and chips...watched a little baseball & chatted.  Fun times.  I am pretty sure I was a moving target for foul balls.  I almost got hit 4 times.  Yes, 4!  The first was well within a foot of me.  Yikes.  And others were pretty close as well.  Close enough I had to move.

This picture just looks like summer!  I love it!

 Just a little brotherly ball talk before the game started!

So into the game...or just decide:

The ballpark was pretty nice.  I mean, really who can complain when they have a pool to swim in while the game is going on.  Awesome.  Not that you would catch me in a swim suit in front of that many people...

And then there was ice cream.  Dip n Dots...
This was a view of the stadium from the parking lot a bit after the sun went down...
Doesn't look like a stadium.

And after the game...FIREWORKS!  And they were pretty spectacular...

Fun night out at the game!


A new far...

 Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday morning bright & early (okay, not that early, only 7am) Lesley & I headed to White Rock Lake to do the 9 mile loop.  The lake is beautiful!  What a great view, I loved the water, the boats, and some gorgeous houses as we ran & ran & ran some more.  We ended up doing 10 miles.  Which is by far, the farthest I have ever ran.  Technically, we ran 9 miles, then did a 1 mile cool down.  It felt great!  My only regret was not taking any pictures of the lake.  One day I will.  Promise.  It was so pretty.

I have a new want...

I am sure this Garmin Watch would make me run faster & run longer.  Okay, maybe not.  I can wish, right?!?  But it is pretty cool.  A watch that measures mileage, heart rate, speed, and who knows what else!  So cool. 


Early Morning Run

 Thursday, August 26, 2010

Somehow I agreed to run at 5am this morning!  What was I thinking?!? I had to set my alarm for 4:30am!!!  Lesley & Robin (who are two very experienced long distance runners) met here at my house just before 5am and we set off for our 4 mile run.  It was 70 degrees!  Can't beat that!  I would even say it was a cool 70 degrees.  Amazing!  We felt great once we came upon 4 miles, so decided to do another mile.  (I should add that this was an easy day for them...they agreed to run a little slower with nice!)  I was amazed that I was able to comfortably talk through all 5 miles.  Huge confidence booster!  And did I mention, it was fun?!?  Well, as fun as 5am can be!

In fact, I was amazed enough that I went crazy and signed up for the Heels & Hills Half Marathon.  That is 13.1 miles.  Yikes!  That is preciously 10 miles further than I have ever ran in a race before!  And did I mention that it is in 30 days???  30 days to train and up my mileage big time! 

With a jam packed September (two Cougar football games...woohoo!) it is sure to be a great month, but it is sure to fly by! 

Can't wait! Wish me luck, I will need all the luck I can get...


Seattle Aquarium

 Wednesday, August 25, 2010

While in Washington, we had to make a trip to the Seattle Aquarium.  The boys love any type of sea life, so I knew this would be a hit.  Here are some pictures of the fun we had:
Checking out the 'touch tank' with Great Grandpa & Grandma.

Finally did a little touching.  Connor says, "They feel weird!"  True.

They were both amazed at the giant octopus.  It was pretty big.  Check this thing out...
Not the cutest!

The pretend octopus was pretty cool though.

Loved seeing all the colorful fish in the tanks.
But Connor was most thrilled with this...
Go figure.

The boys are like little tiny guppy fish in comparison to this big shark!
Now that is a lot of fishy!

The Sea Lion liked the attention ;-)

So fun!  Thanks Great Grandpa & Grandma for a fun time.  Glad we went.  I also got some great shots of the city and the water, which I will post soon. 


Just a day at the lake...

 Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The boys loved Papa's boat. The weather was perfect to hang out on the boat for awhile.  Connor & Dylan both had fun driving the boat.

Here are two videos of each of them driving the boat.  They are so cute...

First is Connor driving the boat:

Notice, at the end Connor is telling the other boats to watch out!  Too funny!

And here is Dylan driving the boat:

Dylan liked the buttons more than anything.  Go figure.
Here are a few (okay, a lot) of pictures from the boat...
The boys had both fallen asleep on the way there, we managed to get them in the boat and in the middle of the lake before they woke up!  Too funny.


100 Day Fitness Challenge

 Monday, August 23, 2010

Today begins the 100 Day Fitness Challenge we are doing through my MOM's Club.  I am so excited to have a little extra motivation.  And there is nothing wrong with some good healthy competition.

Got my new running shoes this weekend along with a few new work-out clothes.  I needed them.  And what better time to buy during out Texas Tax-free weekend!  Woohoo! 

I looked at a few stores, but I am just too cheap, so finally ended up going to Kohl's, they carry Nike (my fav!) and some other brands, so I ended up getting 2 pairs of shorts,  & 7 tanks!  Score!  NO tax, 15% off coupon, and $20 back in Kohl's cash to use next week!  My total was under $95.  Can't beat that!  And don't you just love the pink shoes!!!  I went to a running store here in Dallas called Run On.  They were awesome.  They examine your arches, measure your feet, watch you run, etc. and find you the shoes that best fit your feet and your training.  She brought me out 3 pairs and the Nikes felt the best.  I swear I didn't choose them because they were pink!  But that did kind of seal the deal ;-)  And the shoes were only $85, because I had a 15% off coupon and (again) it was tax-free weekend here in Texas! 

Here are my finds:

I guess I was in a colorful mood!

NO excuses now.  Let's see what I can do in 100 days!

Here are a few goals:
1.  Do some type of physical activity every day.
2.  Go to the gym at least 4 days a week.
3.  Eat healthy.
4.  Sign up for a medium distance race.
5.  Try new classes, exercises to keep things interesting for the 100 days.

On that last goal...I did try the Zumba class on Friday evening.  How fun, funny, and embarrassing!  Ha!  I am pretty sure my body is just not made to move that fast, nor are my hips made to move like that.  It was fun and definitely something different than running and lifting weights.

Unfortunately, you won't see too many pictures of this for several reasons:
1.  I don't like pictures of myself!
2.  I work-out first thing in the make-up, no shower, no nothing!
3.  I get super duper sweaty and it is not attractive in the least bit.

Wish me luck!  This might be a long 100 days!  There are some great prizes to be won & lots of fun along the way!


Toes! Ouch!

 Saturday, August 21, 2010

So, this morning I went shopping with Lesley for our veggie co-op group.  We had a 5:30am departure time...honestly, can't remember the last time I had to be up that early.  Starbucks wasn't even open by then ;-(  I survived, I took my own coffee and brought her soda (and one for me too!). 

We had fun shopping & getting some great deals, then came back to sort it.  Connor was so excited to help wash all the fruits & veggies when I brought the basket inside, but Dylan was equally as excited.  They were fighting over who got to climb on the stool and wash the produce over the sink.  Literally fighting.  Chris & I had already told them to share and stop fighting.  When Connor decided to push Dylan off the stool, which resulted in them both falling along with the stool.  Somehow it ended up getting both of their toes.  Connor's is much worse, as he split his open and has some bruising, but Dylan's is getting to be pretty blue as well.

Look away if you can't handle some yuckiness...or if you are eating...

This is Dylan's toe.  Obviously, I couldn't get him to hold his foot still for more than half a second!

Here is Connor's...
Poor Connor!  Now he is laying on the couch or sitting in one spot playing dinosaurs because his toe hurts and he can't walk.  And asking for more chocolate milk!  I think he is going to milk this injury for all it is worth.  He is my kid after all...

He is not a fan of the BIG fat toe.  Nice wrapping job nurse Mom, huh?  LOL. 

Two little hurt toes...all because they were so excited to wash our fruits & veggies.  Who can get mad at that?!?  They just wanted to help!

And to make matters worse...Chris also has a hurt toe (on his right foot too!), what is up with my boys?!?  All three hurt right toes at the same time, crazy crazy crazy!  I think I will be making myself a watermelon margarita tonight to celebrate me not having a hurt toe ;-)


Port Angeles is Beautiful

 Thursday, August 19, 2010

We headed to Port Angeles.  For some reason, I found the Narrow's Bridge looked particularly interesting as we were driving across.

And the big ships were pretty cool too.

Got to see our kitty!  I think he could care less about it.  He has a much better life, as he comes & goes as he pleases and gets fed WAY better than he ever did with us ;-)
And the dog too...

We had fun staying at Grandpas!
One day we headed to Hurricane Ridge.  So pretty.  And amazingly, no one got sick on the curvy roads.  Thank goodness.  But we stopped a lot and took pictures.  Big surprise, huh?

Connor loved Nana's binoculars...
Wow!  What a beautiful view!!!  Felt like we were on top of the world!  Amazing!

Literally, on top of the world.  At least it seemed...

Some spectacular views...

 Look at that snow.  So crazy there is snow in the middle of the summer!

We packed a picnic lunch & had a great picnic. 

And had a curious little visitor...

 By the way, the pictures are at a funky angle because I am standing on top of the picnic table trying to get far away from the little critters.  Ewww!

 Dylan was thrilled to walk on the wall just like big brother!

Nana, Chris, and the boys.  So cute!

Obviously, the two little boys are not fans of posed pictures.  There were giant crows that they were more fascinated with.  But I would like to think that they were just watching my back to make sure one didn't come attack me, which I was sure was likely to happen at any time!

Ick!  These crows were huge.  This picture does not show how big they really were.  And quite frankly I was not getting any closer for a better picture.  

There were deer right on the walking path.  Poor Dylan was asleep on my back for awhile and missed some of the fun.

Love this picture of the boys...

We had so much fun in Port Angeles.  Wish we could have stayed longer, but glad we got to see lots of family and a few friends. 


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