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 Friday, June 24, 2011

We have spent some time at the pool trying to stay cool and to wear out a certain little two-year-old and a certain little four-year-old :-)

Here's the proof...

And here are a couple videos of the boys jumping in.  Connor is swimming by himself and doing AWESOME.  And Dylan is just as fearless as usual.


McQueen & Mater were here!

 Wednesday, June 15, 2011

McQueen & Mater were in Dallas a couple weeks ago on their way LA for the Cars 2 movie coming out later this month.  It was pretty cool to see, luckily the boys were fine just looking and taking a couple pictures.  I was way too impatient to stand in line with the thousands of people just to get an close up picture.  And it was hot too, which you will hear me complain about this lovely heat for the next few months.  Sorry, just get used to the complaining---pretty sure I will not get used to 100 degrees :)



Check out this zucchini from the garden!  It is huge!!


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