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Horse Races!!

 Sunday, July 10, 2011

We went to the horse races on Saturday at Lonestar Park.  Despite it being 100 degrees, it was a lot of fun, we made it through almost half of the races.  
We would go outside for a short time, then head back inside to the nice and cool air conditioning...thank goodness for good AC.
This was the first race we bet on, the horse won!  We walked away with a BIG payout of $.50, haha!  And the horse got first place, apparently I gotta figure out how this betting works!!
Woohoo!  Winner!!
 Connor was most excited about the hotdog, cookie, and popcorn!
 Dylan, on the other hand, was very excited at the sight of the horses racing around the track!  He now keeps telling us, "I ride big horse".  So, gotta find this kid a horse to ride...
Funday at the park!!


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