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Happy Halloween!

 Saturday, October 31, 2009

They sure are the cutest little dinos ever. Connor is a BIG dino & Dylan is a baby dino in an egg!

Dylan in his cute little dino egg costume.

Just a tiny bit of a forced smile :) LOL

Dylan's first Halloween! He just wants more food!

Look at these pumpkins!

Oh this is fun!

Connor did an excellent job picking out the pumpkins.

Connor was already to help carve, but said they were too smelly. We carved one & decorated one.

The boys were not thrilled with putting on their dino costumes this afternoon. We are just hoping to have happy boys this evening so we can do a bit of trick or treating around the neighborhood. Maybe we can even get some better pictures of the boys in costume. If not, oh well. Just know that I tried :)

Happy Halloween!


House is feeling like home...

 Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Connor picked out flowers for me at the sweet!

We decorated..for Halloween!

Built a fort---boys enjoyed building it and playing inside this morning.

Connor enjoying the fort.

Dylan starting tearing the fort down...

Connor thought it was funny that Dylan was tearing it down, so he decided to help. Didn't take long.

My boys reading their Halloween books together.

Connor was showing Dylan the pumpkin on the front of the book.

It is nice here today, we went out for a walk, although it is a little on the cool side and still very wet out, it was nice to walk around the neighborhood a little. It was also nice to take a little time away from unpacking. There is still lots to do, but we are making progress.


Dylan is 7 months old today!

 Monday, October 26, 2009

Our little standing man!

He is so proud of himself.

"Mom, I just wanna go play"

"Brother is making silly faces"

"Good morning! Now let me outta here!"

Such an innocent face as he is getting into boxes.

Happy 7 month birthday Dylan!

Here are 5 words that describe Dylan : adorable, curious, funny, persistent, and joy.

Adorable. He is just too cute and he knows it.
Curious. Even when he gets into something he should not be getting into, you can't help but love how curious he is.
Funny. He makes such funny faces and can make everybody laugh.
Persistent. No matter how many times big brother takes a toy away, he still goes after that toy time after time.
Joy. Dylan is a pure joy to be around and we cherish every moment with him as he brings us great joy.

Dylan has mastered crawling, pulling up to a stand, still eats anything & everything, loves playing with big brother, and is enjoying exploring the new house. He is growing up so fast! He is growing out of all his clothes so quickly-it is hard to keep up with him.

Happy Birthday Dylan!

We love you very much,
Mama & Daddy


Moved in.

 Friday, October 23, 2009

This is where I pile the empty boxes...however there are so many more boxes to go!

Big orange truck!

Our t.v. looks SO small. Chris says we need a bigger one. Great.

Dylan enjoying all the room to crawl around and explore.

Enjoying some crackers while I made dinner.

Connor pretending to make cookies-they sure sound good.

Connor was so thrilled to see his dinosaurs and animals again.

Well, obviously, we have been busy moving in, trying to unpack, setting up services and such. So, I am finally updating...YAH! We are so incredibly happy to finally be in our new home. We have so much to do. Thank goodness for movers-I couldn't even image having to do all the packing, moving the boxes and furniture on and off a truck. It was enough work telling them where the boxes went and checking off all 400+ from the list. What a long day moving day was, but 2 big trucks and 5 movers later, we got it all done. Now we are just left to the unpacking and putting everything away.

Today is only day five and it is finally starting to look and feel like home. I have been able to make dinner a few nights, which I love not having to eat out---that got old quick! And yesterday I made a stew in the morning, so had the lovely aroma of that cooking all day, so that really made it feel like home. The kitchen is pretty much done, which is a huge relief as it is so much work to wash ALL the dishes and find a new home for them.

Connor & Dylan are loving the upstairs playroom. It really has been a wonderful area for them to play and get all their toys out. They both missed all the toys-they were sick of the same ones day after day.

I will update again soon!


Dallas World Aquarium

 Sunday, October 11, 2009

Connor watching the stingrays up close.

Connor wanted to pet the leopard.

The boys on our way back to the car, Connor with his new Iguana he picked out in the gift shop.

Connor admiring the Sawfish swimming overhead.

Connor loved looking at the sharks, sawfish, and stingrays.

Connor was so excited anytime a shark swam near him. It was so cute.

Dylan's expressions were priceless-he was loving watching the sharks and stingrays swim.

The boys loved all the fish tanks full of fish from around the world.

Pretty fish!

The owl...'whoo whoo" as Connor likes to say.

The flamingos.


Look at this big boy showing off!

Yup, we will sure have our hands full with Dylan in the next few months!

We spent the afternoon at the Dallas World Aquarium and had so much fun. It was so much more than an aquarium! There were penguins, tons & tons of birds, stingrays, sharks, lots of pretty fish, turtles, ducks, flamingos, gators, owls, insects, reptiles, a leopard, and even some bats. Who would have thought there would be such a variety of animals?!? Connor was most intrigued by the sharks (which was the main reason we were going) along with the stingrays.

Connor even attempted to feed some birds blueberries, but insisted I do it instead. I put my crazy bird-phobia aside and did it. Yikes. I was so quick to reach for the hand sanitizer, but Connor was thrilled.

The sharks & stingrays were amazing to watch swim around and above us in the tunnel. Even Dylan enjoyed watching them. Both boys faces were just priceless as they were looking in awe at all the animals. What a great time we had. We will be sure to make it back again.


Fun outing to the Safari Park

 Thursday, October 8, 2009

Connor & Dylan sitting on the little bench waiting for an animal ride.

Connor climbing on the stairs in the play area to go down the slide into the ball pit.

On the choo choo train around the safari. He loved watching all the animals.

Train coming through the tunnel. Connor was talking about all the animals to the other kids the entire time. As well as saying, "All aboard the choo choo train". He was so cute.

Riding the elephant. He kept telling the girl all the names of the animals.

Telling the girl all about all the dinosaurs that he saw.

First time golfing.

Even while cheating, I don't think we have a little Tiger Woods on our hands.

Oh my, oh my, a T. Rex.

Connor was so excited to see Apatosauraus. He was showing that his green golf ball was the same color as the dinosaur.

Yesterday we went to Indoor Safari Park. We had fun-there was a ton of different activities for Connor to play with, ride on, and explore. They had a small play area with slides, trampoline, and ball pit.

Connor had so much fun on the train. He rode it a couple of times. The first time he sat in the middle of two girls, then the second time he sat in the middle of two boys. It was cute to see how much fun he had.

Connor also had a blast riding on the elephant. There was a dinosaur, but it was not working, so he got to wave at it as they walked on past. He told the girl all about all the animals and the different dinosaurs as they walked past each of them.

Golfing was a new experience and didn't last very long. Lots of young kids running around with golf clubs hitting balls around..oh my! I am happy to say we made it out of there safe.

They also had train tables, coloring, animals, and all kinds of play tables. Connor had a blast playing, but there was a few too many people in such a small area. Plus, it was also a HUGE toy store. It was definitely worth going. Dylan enjoyed watching all the kids play.

Then we went to Olive Garden afterwards for a delicious lunch. We were all so hungry and this was perfect! Connor & Dylan enjoyed the breadsticks and pizza. Then it was naptime (in the car) for the boys.


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