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Dylan is 7 months old today!

 Monday, October 26, 2009

Our little standing man!

He is so proud of himself.

"Mom, I just wanna go play"

"Brother is making silly faces"

"Good morning! Now let me outta here!"

Such an innocent face as he is getting into boxes.

Happy 7 month birthday Dylan!

Here are 5 words that describe Dylan : adorable, curious, funny, persistent, and joy.

Adorable. He is just too cute and he knows it.
Curious. Even when he gets into something he should not be getting into, you can't help but love how curious he is.
Funny. He makes such funny faces and can make everybody laugh.
Persistent. No matter how many times big brother takes a toy away, he still goes after that toy time after time.
Joy. Dylan is a pure joy to be around and we cherish every moment with him as he brings us great joy.

Dylan has mastered crawling, pulling up to a stand, still eats anything & everything, loves playing with big brother, and is enjoying exploring the new house. He is growing up so fast! He is growing out of all his clothes so quickly-it is hard to keep up with him.

Happy Birthday Dylan!

We love you very much,
Mama & Daddy


Heids October 26, 2009 at 3:31 PM  

what a huge difference in the last month! Everything's bigger in Texas, right?!

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