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 Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brotherly Love!

Connor loves playing with his playdough-him & grandma made lots of fun shapes.

Mama & her boys sitting outside enjoying the sun.

So Sweet.

"Enough pictures already Mama"

"NO More Pictures Mama"

So far, So good! Dylan is an amazingly calm baby! He is such a good sleeper, however, he does eat a lot and often. I am sure I will fatten this little boy up in no time. Connor has even been eating really well lately. We are working on the garden this week, so there will be some pictures of that posted soon! I can't wait to have a garden.


Home Sweet Home!

 Sunday, March 29, 2009

Connor checking out new baby Dylan when we brought him home. Dylan just sleeps & sleeps.

Connor loves the truck full of flowers from Grandpa-they smell pretty.

Looks so little in his bouncer.

Just sleeping...

Still sleeping.

Well, we are happy to be home! I was expecting a rough night with lots of crying and NO sleep. Amazingly, there was no crying (from Dylan, Connor, or me-amazing!). Our first night home with Connor was not this calm, we still refer to it as our worst night ever! Connor slept in his bed for part of the night, Dylan slept in the his crib for a few minutes, then to the pack n' play in our room. Dylan is a cuddler-I think I force my boys to be this way, but I LOVE IT! So, he sleeps really good if he is being held! I fed him a lot last night, changed a lot of diapers, and tried hard not to fall asleep while nursing him in bed (I don't think I was very successful with this one). He really never even cried when he was hugry or while changing his diaper, just made a few sqeaks-Connor never even moved, thank goodness he is a heavy sleeper (in our bed anyways).

Connor is starting to warm up to Dylan. He loves to "help" change diapers, which involves standing over him laughing. I keep asking him to toss the dirty ones in the trash, but he refuses-he says, "EWWWWW" and runs away.

Where is my lovely Spring weather? We woke up with a couple of inches of snow! When I was up in the middle of the night, everything was completely white and it was still snowing! My poor flowers! Lots of my Spring bulbs had already bloomed. But the good news is, it is supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow-my fingers are crossed!


A couple more pictures of baby Dylan!

 Friday, March 27, 2009

We are so excited Dylan is here & will never forget his arrival into this world! He is quite impatient! We were on our way to the hospital, but we came up a few miles short...He was delivered by me (Jenn) in the car, while pulling off the freeway. He came VERY quickly to say the least. Chris immediately called 911 after hanging up with the doctor's office, the ambulence was there within a few minutes to take mom & baby to the hospital, where a whole room of doctor's & nurses were waiting for us in the ER. We are very thankful we were both healthy and all three of us stayed calm during the chaos. Who would have thought I would deliver my own son, Dad would use his own shoelace to tie the umbilical cord, and we would be able to laugh about this so soon???

We are still in debate...If Chris will be forever traumatized? And if Jenn just has a very high pain tolerance or is just plain stubborn?


Welcome baby Dylan!

Welcome Dylan Tyler Baker!!!!

Born 3/26 at 11:48 AM
Length: 20 1/2 inches
Weight: 5 pounds 15 ounces

He had an interesting arrival, more on that later.

Mom and Dylan are doing great! Everyone is healthy and happy. We will post some more pictures when we have them.




 Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I finally feel like I don't have a million things to do! What a relief! And now this baby can come anytime...

I went to the doctor today and we have a scheduled induction for Monday night (late), so looks like we will be able to meet this little guy on Tuesday March 31st!

Connor is enjoying having grandpa & grandma here-he loves showing them all his toys! He sure does love the extra attention.


Boys' Room is finally ready!

 Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mirrow we painted and decorated.
My boys reading books on Connor's bed.

Connor's bed.


The crib and my comfy chair!

Changing table and dresser.

One of the boxes we painted-now holding swim stuff, can't wait to go to the pool this summer! is full!

This is one of the boxes we painted...perfect for holding all those cloth diapers!

Monkey, Lion, and Zebra wall hangings.

Well, we finally completed the boys' room! We still have a bit more finishing to do, but it is complete enough for the time being! Connor loves all the animals and seems to think that baby brother will like it too. So, we thought we would share some pictures of it with you-while it is nice & clean & organized =)

We got most of what we wanted to done this weekend, we still have a bit more to go, but it was a pretty successful weekend! Althought it is much past midnight and I am still awake...I think I should be in bed. However, I thought it was neccessary to make snickerdoodles tonight and didn't start until after 9:30pm. Chris did not approve and went to bed. Although, I think he will happily take some to work tomorrow :)


Wish Lists!

So, as we have been busy cleaning and getting everything ready, yes, Chris included, we have been talking about our wish lists and how different they are...

-New car
-New dishwasher
-Vacuum cleaner
-New camera lens
-Carpet steam cleaner
-Food processor
-Double jogger

-HD antenna (not sure why-he doesn't get to watch much tv)
-New desktop computer for "school" (which I have said no for the last 2 years, at least)

Hmmm...the lists are quite different, aren't they? Anyways, we have laughed quite a bit about this all weekend! I seem to have the long expensive list, but most of mine are house and kitchen related...


9 More Days!

 Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the countdown is finally in the single digits....I can't believe it! Now, I think back and can't figure out where the time has gone?!? We are super excited to meet this little guy, but I think Chris & I are both a bit nervous now. Will we remember what to do with a newborn? Are we ready (more so me) for ALL the middle of the night feedings? Diaper changes? And everything else? Oh my!

Well, although the due date is the 30th, my hope would be next Wednesday or Thursday. Just not this weekend, we have a lot left to do...43 things to be exact, according to the weekend to-do list! YIKES! Sounds like a busy weekend. I have Chris working hard on the list as we speak...he is upstairs resealing the shower, he headed upstairs a bit ago with a beer. And the good news is, I hear him working hard! I cleaned out the playroom today, got all the windows cleaned downstairs. Our big projects are upstairs this weekend-all the bedrooms, the office, bathrooms, and my major goal is to get the boys room completed and take some pictures! So, hopefully by Sunday, I will have some pictures posted of it-I think it will be super cute, Connor loves it so far.

Oh ya, and I think I should problably pack my bag for the hospital...just in case.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! We had wonderful weather here again was about 80 degrees! So, of course, we spent some time playing outside-Connor just loves to get out the water toys! And the fresh air is awesome!

I would have liked to bake some cookies or do something fun for St. Patrick's Day, but never got around to it. At least we all wore our green!


Loving this nice weather!

 Monday, March 16, 2009

What a beautiful day it was...we spent lots of time outside! We washed the car & I was able to do some weeding. We already have some bulbs that came up-hopefully they will last! Connor was trying to smell them. He also had fun helping wash the car...what a big helper!


Productive Weekend!

 Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well, this weekend proved to be fairly productive! Chris got a lot done, anyways. He fixed the car-just some maintence on it, unlike last weekend when we thought something major was wrong with it. He is determined to keep this one running well and looking pretty so he can't justify buying another one. (Me, on the other hand, I am slowly breaking him down). I caught him actually cleaning everything under the hood...I think he caught the "nesting" bug! He replaced all the smoke detectors, put together some baby stuff and a stool, replaced the light switches in the boys' room, put up the mirror & baby monitor, and worked on the compost (it needs some love), among some other random things.

Me, on the other hand, only got some random things done-I got the laundry room all cleaned and organized, cleaned the oven (it only took me a full day to do), cleaned out the fridge, coat closet, sterlized all the baby stuff and re-arranged a cupboard to put it all in. Not all these things were on my list, but apparently I find it important to have a clean oven, laundry room, and coat least I realize I am being a little wierd and obsessive! Even though our house looks like a tornado has gone through fridge and oven are spotless as is my laundry room....for the moment anyways! I didn't get to even think about any of my craft or sewing projects-so, this baby has to wait a little longer!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 67 and Tuesday should be 74! WOW! If so, we will spend a lot of time outside-maybe I will be able to get my garden plans underway and even some seeds started...that is the plan anyways! Tomorrow I got back to the doctor, the contractions haven't started yet tonight-yippeee! Seems like this kiddo is cooperating.



 Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here are the pictures of Connor & Daddy working hard today...good thing Chris wasn't in his undies too :) They had fun...and as an added bonus, this was something we could check off my to-do list! YAH!


Sprinkles for breakfast?!?

Oatmeal with Sprinkles!
Yum! Sprinkles for breakfast!

Open wide!

Well, I finally gave in after over 3 weeks (maybe more) of holding out on the cereal...Connor refused to say it and apparently didn't want it that bad. My new technique is forcing him to 'try' new/different foods. No, that doesn't mean I sit on him and force it down his throat, I just make him try one bite. The first thing I did this with was oatmeal-he was excited about it when we bought it at the store, so the next morning I asked him if he would like oatmeal? He said yes, so that is what I made. I like it with milk & brown sugar, so that is how I made it. He wouldn't even try it. So, after taking away his apple juice, cartoons, and a few time-outs later...he gave in (amazing!) and tried the oatmeal. Suprise, suprise, he liked it! Wow! Does Mom know best, or what? So, playing hardball worked for me (this time, anyways).
This morning, I made oatmeal for breakfast and Connor refused to try. Chris' technique (although quite different from mine) worked too! He asked if he would like sprinkles on his oatmeal??? Connor jumped up from the table, ran to the pantry, grabbed the sprinkles and was back in his seat in 5 seconds flat! And he ate his oatmeal...lots of it! So, thanks Nana for that-we would have never had SO many sprinkles if it wasn't for you!
So, we have a LONG to-do list this weekend...Connor and Chris just finished putting a stool together, Connor in his undies with tools....TOO CUTE! But don't worry, I took lots of pictures, so I will put those up this weekend-my breaks consist of sitting down at the computer between cleaning and organizing :)


18 more days!

 Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, we are getting closer & closer to meeting this little boy! As excited as we are, he needs to wait! We still have A LOT to get done before the end of the month! And family won't be here to help until the 24th. I had another doctor appointment today...everything looks good! My doctor just laughs at me because I am not begging to get this kid out! LOL. Chris & Connor both went along today & got to hear the heartbeat-it had been a long time since Chris got to hear it. I still feel tired after doing too much (you would think I would learn) and have had contractions every night for the past week and a half, but just random and not painful, and luckily they go away. But it is so weird feeling because I didn't feel any of that with Connor.

And, at last, Chris has a little break from school-so he now has a lengthy "honey-do" list of his own :) So, tonight we are up late watching the Cougar basketball game and cleaning and organizing and painting boxes! So, I guess Cougar basketball is helping us complete our list...we have another late night tomorrow night! So, I am looking forward to getting lots more done, fingers crossed!

This crazy weather! Yesterday it was 80 degrees and I was wearing a tank top as we went on a walk, today it was 30 degrees! I am ready for Spring!


Trade me in???

 Friday, March 6, 2009

Connor had so much fun playing with his water toys in his water table.....
Still playing...

And still playing with the water...oh what fun!

Connor hasn't figured out how to drive yet, which is a good thing-not sure I would be able to chase him all around. However, he does love to play in it.

We even had out snack outside today. We have been using muffin tins lately for our snacks. Connor loves it and it makes me provide more of a was banana bread, strawberries, kiwi, apples, and crackers. Of course, I share his snacks with him :)

It was such a nice day today-it was near 80 degrees! We were outside at 8am this morning and we didn't come in until almost 6pm. You know I am seriously 'nesting' when I have the urge to organize the gargage. So, that is what I worked on today while Connor played outside with all his toys. He was thrilled to get out his water table and water toys!

We took a walk down the street today & ran into some neighbors and Connor decided to bring her home, all the while leaving me! She is a senior in High School-he just grabbed her hand and made her walk home with him. She kept asking him if he wanted to wait for mom, he kept saying "NO". Once I got home, she was sitting in the driveway playing with his water toys with him! He didn't even miss me. Then, a bit later, another neighbor came home and Connor ran up to her, grabbed her hand, pulled her over to his toys and made her sit down! This is a neighbor Connor has never even said hi to, I barely ever say hi. I think he was trying to replace me today-I guess too much "Mama Time". This crazy kid!

But tonight, he gave me lots of extra hugs before bedtime, so I think he was happy he didn't get rid of me :)

And, for some reason, Chris is the one having cravings...pickles & icecream lately. I am hoping all the icecream he has been eating, he will gain a few pounds so there is a chance I won't weigh more than him by the end of this pregnancy :)


Good Thing He is Cute!

 Thursday, March 5, 2009

Riding a friend's bike outside today!
Playing with some bubbles outside today!

So, just to add a little humor to my day, I thought I would keep track of how many times Connor got in trouble during the entire day. Keep in mind, it was almost 70 here today, which we took full advantage of playing outside & using as much energy as possible. (Although, I think that backfired & I am much more tired than Connor!) But to Connor's defense, he was up by 6am this morning :)

Time-outs for the day:

1. Slamming the cupboards.
2. Not wanting to wash hands after using the potty.
3. Slamming the cupboards.
4. Toy drill taken away for throwing it.
5. Dropping books and telling me "NO" he won't put them away.
6. Not wanting to get dressed.
7. Shutting the door on me.
8. Pushing.
9. Throwing my cookbook off the counter.
10. Took picture book away because ripping out the pages.
11. Unrolling the toilet paper.
12. Not listening when outside on a walk.
13. Not listening.
14. Ripping the Kleenex while going potty.
15. Playing rough with fridge magnets.
16. Grabbing stuff off counter.
17. Not listening.

Do we have anger-mangement problems??? We were trying out the "Love & Logic" style of parenting for awhile, but then Connor stopped responding to it. I think I have to constantly be reading the book in order to remember to do! But you can only give so many options in a day!

Connor has perfected how to push my buttons. I try to ignore all these things, but wow! And I wonder what he will be like when the baby comes....I try not to think about that!


Finally Nesting???

 Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, it is obvious that I am getting bigger & bigger & bigger!!!

Our friends had a little get-together to celebrate the little mister.

More fun toys & cute clothes!!!

March 1. Wow! 29 more days to go, now I think the time will fly by! Chris said, "Happy March" this morning & I think that is when I realized we now have less than a month! So, I think today the 'nesting' instinct finally kicked into high gear! I went though all the baby clothes, blankets, and everything else-I have got all the clothes & blankets washed! And Connor & I went shopping again today so Chris could get some homework done. He can't decide if he likes or dislikes us giving him tume to do homework-he gets a lot done, but then again, we spend money :)

Along with my nesting, comes with me being quite clumsy these past few days, which really means more work for us, especially Chris. While I was scrubbing the shower, I discovered that the shower had to be re-sealed. Connor broke his airplane, so Chris had to fix that for him. Chris had to fix a leaky toilet in the guest bathroom, so Chris has been busy with his own to-do list, hopefully that won't keep growing like mine. Then today I broke the knob off of the pantry door by leaning on it when I bent down, apparently it isn't meant to hold a pregnant lady-it was quite hilarious. So, more work for Chris :) I have been busy painting boxes and getting the boys' room all decorated and ready to is coming along slowly but surely-hopefully it will be completed next weekend!

Tomorrow, Connor & I have a busy day of reading celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday, we are going to have a "Dr. Suess Day". Which means we will attempt to read all the Dr. Suess books we have...which is 28!!! Connor had a blast running around the house after dinner finding all the books and stacking them on the dining room table. We will have fun reading them tomorrow. Thanks Amy for the great idea-we will see if I think it is a great idea after ready all 28 books-my tongue may be quite twisted by the time we get to book #10.


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