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9 More Days!

 Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the countdown is finally in the single digits....I can't believe it! Now, I think back and can't figure out where the time has gone?!? We are super excited to meet this little guy, but I think Chris & I are both a bit nervous now. Will we remember what to do with a newborn? Are we ready (more so me) for ALL the middle of the night feedings? Diaper changes? And everything else? Oh my!

Well, although the due date is the 30th, my hope would be next Wednesday or Thursday. Just not this weekend, we have a lot left to do...43 things to be exact, according to the weekend to-do list! YIKES! Sounds like a busy weekend. I have Chris working hard on the list as we speak...he is upstairs resealing the shower, he headed upstairs a bit ago with a beer. And the good news is, I hear him working hard! I cleaned out the playroom today, got all the windows cleaned downstairs. Our big projects are upstairs this weekend-all the bedrooms, the office, bathrooms, and my major goal is to get the boys room completed and take some pictures! So, hopefully by Sunday, I will have some pictures posted of it-I think it will be super cute, Connor loves it so far.

Oh ya, and I think I should problably pack my bag for the hospital...just in case.


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