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Spring Cleaning!

 Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am ALL caught up on my Spring Cleaning.  I still have a lot to do, but doing one room (or space) a day, I have completed that.  Yah!  11 days in and still lots more to do.  Some days I wish I didn't have this many windows or I wish they weren't as big as they were or I wish I didn't have so many bathrooms or so many bedrooms with so much bedding to wash.  But I do love our house and it is what I wanted, just sometimes it is a lot of work.  I truly do wish we had less crap.  And I really wish I was better at getting rid of the crap!

Here is my recap:

Day 7- Master Bathroom.  Scrubbed the shower.  Note to self: I hate glass doors.  Scrubbed the tub.  Cleaned the window (didn't attempt the outside one yet).  Washed mirrors, counters, toilet, wiped down baseboards, and cleaned out all the drains, and used steam mop on tile floors.  And washed rugs.  Nice and sparkly.

Day 8- Stairway.  Vacuumed, dusted, wiped down rails.  Took down Easter decorations (yes, I know pathetic they were still up.)  This was an easy day.

Day 9- Downstairs hall & closet.  Another small space, but things tend to end up here.  You go through here to get inside the house from the garage, which you walk through the laundry room.  So, laundry, shoes, library books, etc ends up here.  And Chris backpack and lunch box too =)  Closet is all cleaned out, vacuumed hall and wiped down baseboards. 

Day 10- Eat-in kitchen area.  This small space has A LOT of windows.  It was a lot of work to clean them since I washed both inside and outside, plus had to use a ladder.  But I took the leaf out of the table, dusted and wiped down the blinds, used the steam mop on the floors, and wiped down the baseboards.  And it is already dirty again.  But at least I know it was clean for all of 23 minutes!

Day 11- Downstairs bathroom.  I scrubbed the shower, cleaned the drains, wiped down baseboards, washed rugs, and used steam mop on floors.  I just love clean bathrooms.


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