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Spring Cleaning Days 3, 4, 5

 Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 3-Dylan's room.  I washed bedding, washed windows, dusted blinds, cleared off changing table, wiped down baseboards, picked up toys, and vacuumed.  Again, this was a pretty easy room since I had just gone through all the boys clothes. 

Day 4-Dining room.  This room needs some love.  We have yet to use it once since we moved in.  Mainly because it has carpet.  Seriously?  Carpet?  That is almost as bad as having carpet in the bathrooms.  Almost.  So, this room sits empty except for the dining room table and chairs.  There are at least a few things on the walls.  I washed the windows inside & outside, dusted blinds, wiped down table, baseboards, dusted light fixture, checked light bulbs in light fixture, vacuumed, and even dusted the return air vent (yuck).  But now it is nice and clean to sit empty.  Maybe we should put this as a high priority to tile :)

Day 5- Upstairs hallway and hall closet.  This space is always a disaster area from toys to crafts to dirty clothes and towels to games.  You name it, it has taken up residence at one time or another in this hallway.  Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to this one yet. Here are my excuses reasons: Dylan sleeps too much when I  need to clean in or around his room (it is a good problem to have, not get me wrong), I have had sinus issues again (with headaches), we bottled beer this week, and I chose to mow the lawn today instead of clean. 

When I get to it here is what I will do:  wipe down baseboards, find a home for everything that has cluttered the hallway, go through all games in the hall closet, check batteries in smoke detector, and vacuum.  Shouldn't take too long.


Amy April 8, 2010 at 9:23 AM  

Our first house had carpet everywhere: dining room, bathrooms and the kitchen. Yuck! Try dropping a raw egg on a carpeted kitchen floor. Blech! We kept carpet under the dining room table, but I would put a plastic table cloth under Aidan's seat so we could use the table.

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