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So thankful!

 Thursday, November 26, 2009

Connor & Dylan have so much fun playing with each other lately.  Connor loves to push Dylan around on his new choo choo train toy.

All aboard the choo choo train!

Dylan was so proud to play with the nativity scene while Connor was out of the room.

Dylan was enjoying playing on his very first Thanksgiving.

"Look Mom-I am standing!"

 Here were the delicious king crab legs we had for dinner.  We opted for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of crab, scallops, and shrimp.  It was amazingly good.  And it was perfect. 

Connor ended up playing with the crab legs all through dinner.  It was pretty funny.

Chris making the whip cream for the pumpkin pie.  (Notice that beautiful pink mixer!)

Connor's favorite part!  The great lick!

And Dylan is getting in on the whip cream action too!

And now the pumpkin pie!  YUM!

"I like this whip cream stuff...more please!"

A little dessert for the little man too!

And just a little more!

I am so thankful for so many things this year.  I am thankful for a loving family, a wonderful new home, great health, good friends, two awesome little boys and the best husband ever.  This year has brought us many things to be thankful for: a new job for Chris, a healthy Dylan with a crazy delivery, a now very talkative Connor, and a wonderful new adventure in Texas.  We are so excited for what is to come in the next year, but want to take this time to be thankful for what we have now.  Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family---we truly are blessed.

Happy 8 months Dylan!  We love you very much!  You amaze us everyday. 


More fun...

 Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chris is not enjoying his days at home this week painting with a tiny little artist brush from up on a ladder!

Connor & Grandpa enjoying eating cookies together & drawing too.

Dylan is not happy that he doesn't get his own cookie.  Or maybe he is upset at the girly duck outfit.

Connor, Dylan and Grandma trying their luck at some scratch tickets...their luck didn't get them too far.

Dylan is trying so hard to reach those fish!  Poor little guy!

All this play is wearing Connor out!  Hooray!


Fun at the dinner table!

 Sunday, November 22, 2009

Who said you couldn't have fun at the dinner table and play (a little) with your food?  Apparently, not us.  Meals have been great around here lately.  Maybe that is because Connor has decided to eat pretty much anything lately (growth spurt?).  And Dylan still will eat just about anything (thankfully).  Or maybe it is because Grandpa & Grandma are here to help cook, clean, and watch the boys?  Whatever the reason, we have had some delicious food lately.  Tonight we had bacon wrapped shrimp.  They were so yummy, everyone enjoyed them, especially Connor.  He loved the bacon and had fun biting the tails off.  Not sure why he was so excited to eat them, usually he just about gags at the smell of any kind of fish.  All the while, Dylan was falling asleep in his high chair.  But he did manage to have a couple bites of shrimp for dinner as well. 

We have been busy painting, putting up curtains, light fixtures, etc.  I am not a fan of the textured walls and high ceilings (although I do really love them)---it is a lot of work to paint.  And we are having to re-paint the ceilings, walls, and trim.  Oh yes, and not to mention having to prime (sometimes 2 coats of primer).  But it will look wonderful once it is all done.  As Chris says, "We are almost done with making every room in the house brown".  I like my neutral colors, what can I say! 


We are still alive!!!

 Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just wanted to let you know that we are still alive.  Unfortunately, we (it is in debate whether Chris or myself is to blame) misplaced the memory card for our camera.  So, we haven't taken any pictures in over a week!

We have been busy attempting to get some done around the house, but as always, it is slow going.  Go figure.  This week we are painitng and Dylan should finally not have to sleep in a bright pink room...poor kid.  I think Connor will miss his red wall, since he keeps asking for red paint.  I did win that battle and we are painting all the bedrooms upstairs a nuetral color.  I know, I am no fun at all.  Once the house gets a little more put together (and we find the memory card) we will be sure to take some pictures.


More Dinosaurs

 Saturday, November 7, 2009

 We went to the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary.  They have a special exhibit called
"Dinosaurs Alive!"  There are 9 life-size animatronic dinosaurs along a nature trail.  It was pretty cool and so exciting for Connor.  They moved and made noise...some were quite loud.  It was fun.  They even got to play on T.Rex and check out his teeth.  Connor was quick to point out that he was "just pretend".  Not sure if he was telling himself or making sure Dylan knew.  It was a fun family outing & a beautiful day for it.


Boxes Gone!!!

 Friday, November 6, 2009

This was the lovely view every time you walked down the stairs into the dining room or walked by the dining room!  So nice to see the table in there again!  The moving company came today to pick up ALL the empty boxes and packing paper that had taken over the dining room!

Although my original goal was to have all the boxes unpacked by last Friday, I will take a week over due.  I decided last week that I needed a few days to rest & play with the boys instead of unpacking boxes.  Then, all of a sudden yesterday afternoon, I decided I was done with all the boxes and got to work unpacking what was left in the offtice, craftroom, and garage.  It wasn't too bad.  Now the work really begins...putting everything away and organizing.  YIKES!  For some reason (like always) I have a dream of everything having a place.  I envision perfect organization with everything always being it it's place. 

Then I woke up and realized that is impossible for several reasons :

1.  I live with 3 boys.  Need I explain more?!?
2.  There are not enough hours in the day.
3.  I am not a clean freak (although at times I wish I were).
4.  I have 2 very energetic boys who want and need my attention.
5.  I would rather play than clean/organize.

With that being said, I will live in my semi-organized home (that is clean most of the time) and enjoy every minute of it.  However, that doesn't mean I will ever quit dreaming of every piece of paper, clothing, picture, and sock having its own special space everytime  I watch Martha Stewart, HGTV or some show on TLC.


Go Seahwaks!

 Monday, November 2, 2009

The boys playing during the Seawhaks vs. Cowboys game.

Connor loves to color.

Dylan likes to play cars.

Yes, I am aware the Seahawks lost (terribly) to the Cowboys yesterday. But, I wanted to let everyone know we have not become Cowboys fans. Not yet anyways. We thought about going to the game, but then when I looked for tickets and saw that it would be $740 for 3 tickets in the 400 level, I quickly changed my mind. We went shopping instead.

Connor did wear his Seahawks jersey as we went shopping, which is quite brave. However, we were shopping pretty close to game time, so only serious fans would be already heading to the game and problably not shopping at Nordstrom, Pottery Barn or Ikea. So maybe we weren't so brave afterall. Oh yes, and I think Dylan needs a jersey too. On second thought, maybe just a Coug jersey...who knows how long it will be before we are Cowboys fans.



 Sunday, November 1, 2009

Connor was so excited to eat a chocolate eye ball when we got back home from trick-or-treating.

Opening the chocolate.

So happy with all his fun & yummy treats he got.

And still excited there is more.

And now onto watch the Coug game. Considering the outcome of the game, we are glad we didn't make the trip to San Antonio to go watch. It was painful enough watching them on tv.

Connor was not thrilled about going trick-or-treating. Once all the kids starting coming to our house to trick-or-treat, he was catching onto the idea. Connor was thrilled to run to the door, open it, start handing out candy and telling everyone, "Happy Halloween!". Then, suddenly Connor told us he was ready to go trick-or-treating, so we got the boys dressed, left a bowl of candy outside and were off to visit a few houses in the neighborhood. Connor had so much fun knocking on all the doors, saying, "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thanks" followed by "Happy Halloween". He just might have been the best well-mannered dinosaur ever. We were so proud of him and he had so much fun! Dylan just looked around the entire time and didn't say a peep. Of course, he was cute too.

Only in Texas would you expect to see a tractor pulling a trailer full of trick-or-treaters around a subdivision.

We were so happy to see our subdivision full of people and kids walking around-I think we made a great choice for our new home. And we only ended up with about 3 pieces of candy left...this is the most trick-or-treaters we have ever had! Yah! I love handing out candy and apparently Connor got that gene from me. It was a wonderful Halloween in our new home.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled Halloween!


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