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 Sunday, November 1, 2009

Connor was so excited to eat a chocolate eye ball when we got back home from trick-or-treating.

Opening the chocolate.

So happy with all his fun & yummy treats he got.

And still excited there is more.

And now onto watch the Coug game. Considering the outcome of the game, we are glad we didn't make the trip to San Antonio to go watch. It was painful enough watching them on tv.

Connor was not thrilled about going trick-or-treating. Once all the kids starting coming to our house to trick-or-treat, he was catching onto the idea. Connor was thrilled to run to the door, open it, start handing out candy and telling everyone, "Happy Halloween!". Then, suddenly Connor told us he was ready to go trick-or-treating, so we got the boys dressed, left a bowl of candy outside and were off to visit a few houses in the neighborhood. Connor had so much fun knocking on all the doors, saying, "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thanks" followed by "Happy Halloween". He just might have been the best well-mannered dinosaur ever. We were so proud of him and he had so much fun! Dylan just looked around the entire time and didn't say a peep. Of course, he was cute too.

Only in Texas would you expect to see a tractor pulling a trailer full of trick-or-treaters around a subdivision.

We were so happy to see our subdivision full of people and kids walking around-I think we made a great choice for our new home. And we only ended up with about 3 pieces of candy left...this is the most trick-or-treaters we have ever had! Yah! I love handing out candy and apparently Connor got that gene from me. It was a wonderful Halloween in our new home.

Hope everyone had a fun-filled Halloween!


Marcy November 1, 2009 at 1:03 PM  

We had LOTS of tractors, rangers and four wheelers pulling wagons in our subdivision last night too. Glad the boys enjoyed!

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