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Dylan is growing!

 Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dylan had his 4 month well-visit today and he is doing great. He is right around the 50th percentile for weight and height, weighing in at 14 lbs 7.5 oz. and he is 25 1/4 inches long. We will start him on rice cereal soon (yuck!). Let's see how he likes it. While the doctor said to start some foods, Connor blurts out, "hamburger". The doctor told Connor it will be awhile until little brother will be eating a hamburger, them Connor just said, "Yah" agreeing with the doctor and went back to playing with his dinosaurs. Funny kid! Then Connor was quick to give Dylan a kiss after his shot, he was quite concerned with why Dylan was unhappy. It was sweet.


Dylan is 4 months old today!

 Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well, it seems like every month, I say "how quickly the time flies by". And it is SO true. I can't believe Dylan is already 4 months old. How very exciting! He is working hard on those teeth and they are ready to pop through anytime I am sure. Poor little guy. He is rolling over like crazy, smiling lots, giggling like no other, and really starting to play with all his fun toys now. We are working on sitting up on his own, but he gets too excited and falls over. He is so stinking cute and loves making eye contact at anybody and everybody. Some days it is hard to get through the store without 10 people stopping us to chat with him. It is lots of fun and makes us proud of both our adorable boys!

Dylan loves to chew on his two fingers :)

He has discovered his head & hair!

Its not everyday you get to ride a giraffe!

Down the slide...

This is fun!!!!


What a morning!

 Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, the morning started bright & early, as always. With our Starbucks Fraps, I thought that was a good way to start to the day! We dropped Chris off at work, took the car to the VW dealership to get the timing belt replaced (hard to believe that car already has 100k miles). They were nice enough to give us a coutesy rental car. I managed to get both kids, both car seats and all our stuff out of our car and into the rental---it only took 30 minutes :) Off to a great start....think again!

As we are pulling into the driveway, I reach up to open the garage door! Uh oh! I realize I didn't grab keys to get into the house! I double luck. I try all the doors anytways, nope! And then maybe, just maybe I didn't lock a window. NO luck! It is almost 8:30am by this time, Connor is asleep, Dylan is hungry-I sit in the driveway and feed Dylan and begin calling people. Chris was away from his desk, but wouldn't have done much good anyways-he doesn't carry house keys with him either. And mine, I keep in the jogging stroller in the garage. Everybody that has a key to our house was in the wrong place this morning. I ended up going to St. John's hospital to get one from Cheryl-thank goodness she had a spare key. So, 4 hours later, we finally made it home (inside). Oh yes, did I mention Connor had no shoes?!? Yes, what a joy that was-we couldn't even go anywhere! Oh and when we finally got inside, the phone was ringing...the dealership-more things to fix on the car! Go figure!

And then, about 15 minutes after being home, Connor was playing around on the couch, somehow jumped and hit his after a bloody nose, Dylan had a VERY messy diaper that resulted in a bath. Connor decided he needed a bath too. So, then I was left with a soaking wet bathroom floor! I am NOT a fan of bathtime!

Positive things about today:
-We were just testing how the drive to Dallas will be in a couple far today 4 hours straight in the car-no crying, no whining, no screaming. Not too bad!

-Connor did not get car sick, apparenly the 'sea sick wrist bands' are working, but only if they are put on just right and Connor doesn't take them off.

-I know it is not my lucky day, so I will refrain from buying lotto tickets today :)

*However, this could be the result of getting 3 hours of sleep last night(and I think that is a generous estimate).


Soon to be Texans!

 Saturday, July 18, 2009

We are Texas bound! Here are some pictures of the boys getting ready for the move :)

We are super excited about moving to the BIG state of Texas. We will be living in the Dallas area! We are not sure what city, as neither Chris or I have ever been to Dallas! What a change it will be. But it will be a great move for us. And Connor is excited about shopping for a house.
Apparently, we can't stay in one place for too 5 years will have made the move from Washington to Missouri to California back to Missouri and onto Texas.

We will be moving sometime the end of September-yikes...just over two months away. Lots to do in those two months-wish us luck!
Here are some random things I have learned about Texas/Dallas:
10. Texas has 15 kinds of rattlesnakes.
9. More than 25 major cities in Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas and are a 12-hour drive or less from Dallas.
8. Dallas has the ninth largest population in the nation.
7. More than five thousand wildflower species grow in Texas.
6.The average year-round temperature ranges from 55 degrees F to 76 degrees F.
5. Texas is larger than France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Luxembourg combined.
4. Texas has only one natural lake, but has more lakes than Minnesota.
3. The frozen margarita machine was invented in Dallas.
2. The Dallas area is the largest metropolitan area in the nation not on a navigable body of water.
1. Texas’s native horny toad is actually a lizard and can shoot blood from its eyes.
***By the way, this is the 100th post...Yippee! Hope everyone is enjoying all the pictures and updates***


The garden is coming along...

 Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Yes, those cucumbers are huge!

Strawberry plants look great, but not producing the best berries. I guess sometimes it takes a year or two to get those yummy berries. Patience!

Look at that yummy cucumber.

The carrots look pretty, but are fairly small. And the tomato plants are getting taller and there are quite a few tomatoes. And beets are looking good as well. Yum!

Hanging tomato plant-a few green tomatoes, I just picked all the ripe ones. It is not doing spectacular, but it is producing.

The cucumber plants are doing awesome!

Green bell pepper growing.

Basil and cilantro...YUM! My two favorites!!!


Dining Room Chairs Completed!

Well, for the reccord, they have been completed for awhile, but I am just now getting around to posting the pictures of the completed project! Yes, that is right, I finally started and finished a project! :) And as a bonus, the dining room is now uncluttered, clean, and pretty!!! It looks SO much better than it did. I am so excited.

Chair Before...
The fabric was yucky and stained and just plain old!

Chair After...

Yah! A little tropical, but it looks SO much better.

I am happy with how the chairs turned out. They look so much better than they did before. And now we can put off buying a new dining room table a little longer :)

My original plan was to also paint the table and chairs, but decided to just give the chairs a little face lift.

Our beautiful dining room! We do have 6 chairs for the table, but moved them to the corners so there was more room to walk around the table-it helped open up the room more.


Dylan's Baptism Day!

 Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a fun day of celebrations...

Dylan after his baptism with Mom, Dad, and John (one of his God parents).

Our family pitcure.

They boys were all watching a movie on the portable DVD player-too cute!

Dylan & Mady playing together.

It was Noah's 3rd Birthday today, so we had to sing him Happy Birthday. All the kids enjoyed this and had ice cream with sprinkles. They were thrilled.

Dylan was SO tired after his long day-he fell asleep in Daddy's arms. Check out all those rolls!

As we were getting in the car to head to the church, it starting pouring rain-not just a little, A LOT. Once we sat down in the pew at church there was some very loud thunder. God was making his presence known on this special occassion. The Deacon doing the baptism said that the oil he put on Dylan's had was to last until confirmation, then when he was putting it on him and blessing him, he said, He needs an extra dose!". Gee, does that mean we are going to have our hands full in the years to come or was it because he doesn't recognize us from mass every Sunday??? We pulled out a new Shark book for Connor to take with us in hopes to entertain him-it worked, he enjoyed reading it throughout the service with Cheryl for most of the time-although we need to work on whispering. He tends to get quite excited. And Dylan was great the entire time, he enjoyed looking around at all the people.

After the baptism, we had our friends over for a late lunch/early dinner-it was fun & all the kids had fun playing together even though none of them had a taken a nap. We were all quite amazed they played so well together.

We were happy to have our wonderful friends to share this special day with. We wish that Amy (Dylan's other God parent) was able to make along with all of our family.


Oh what cute boys we have!

 Saturday, July 11, 2009

Here are some fun pictures of the boys...they are quite amusing!

Connor washing his truck...the wheels get very dirty apparently.

He has to make sure his Escalade is sparkling clean in case he decides to drive it :)

Happy Dylan!

Enjoying tummy time...what a big boy!

What an innocent little smile...

Old Man Connor reading books in his rocking chair! last, some help around here :)

Connor loves to give Dylan 'raspberries' & Dylan loves it just as much.

Playing, playing, playing!


Dinos & Puzzles = Entertainment

 Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Connor is the proud owner of two BIG dinosaurs!

These are not small dinos and they are quite heavy too! He does enjoy playing with them.

Connor even shares them with Dylan-Dylan seems to enjoy them as well.

Dylan enjoys watching Connor.

Connor put these puzzle together all by himself. He was very proud!


Happy 4th of July!

 Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dylan wearing his festive red, white, and blue.
Dylan having fun watching the boys play.

Mike lit off lots of great fireworks for us..some even had parachutes for the boys to catch...they enjoyed this a lot. This one went really high.
Connor got a parachute!

Riding on the toys.

Connor trying out the roller coaster...not a fan.

Connor holding the ice pack over his nose after he & Noah collided, resulting in Connor getting a bloody nose. Good thing he was wearing a red shirt and we were outside!!!

The boys playing with POP ITS! The bigs boys were throwing them at each other.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Connor was having fun jumping on some of the POP ITS that didn't pop.

Chinese horseshoes was a big hit. I want to play more.

Dylan & Mady hanging out watching everyone play.

Dylan & Mady hanging out together inside.

We had a great 4th of July. We went over to Mike & Cheryl's house along with Matt & Matina. They boys had fun playing, we had a great time watching the fireworks along with the thunder, lightening, and rain! But it was only 80 degrees, so I have no complaints. We were able to play a couple games of Chinese Horseshoes, which was a lot of fun. What a great time we all had with wonderful friends!


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