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What a morning!

 Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, the morning started bright & early, as always. With our Starbucks Fraps, I thought that was a good way to start to the day! We dropped Chris off at work, took the car to the VW dealership to get the timing belt replaced (hard to believe that car already has 100k miles). They were nice enough to give us a coutesy rental car. I managed to get both kids, both car seats and all our stuff out of our car and into the rental---it only took 30 minutes :) Off to a great start....think again!

As we are pulling into the driveway, I reach up to open the garage door! Uh oh! I realize I didn't grab keys to get into the house! I double luck. I try all the doors anytways, nope! And then maybe, just maybe I didn't lock a window. NO luck! It is almost 8:30am by this time, Connor is asleep, Dylan is hungry-I sit in the driveway and feed Dylan and begin calling people. Chris was away from his desk, but wouldn't have done much good anyways-he doesn't carry house keys with him either. And mine, I keep in the jogging stroller in the garage. Everybody that has a key to our house was in the wrong place this morning. I ended up going to St. John's hospital to get one from Cheryl-thank goodness she had a spare key. So, 4 hours later, we finally made it home (inside). Oh yes, did I mention Connor had no shoes?!? Yes, what a joy that was-we couldn't even go anywhere! Oh and when we finally got inside, the phone was ringing...the dealership-more things to fix on the car! Go figure!

And then, about 15 minutes after being home, Connor was playing around on the couch, somehow jumped and hit his after a bloody nose, Dylan had a VERY messy diaper that resulted in a bath. Connor decided he needed a bath too. So, then I was left with a soaking wet bathroom floor! I am NOT a fan of bathtime!

Positive things about today:
-We were just testing how the drive to Dallas will be in a couple far today 4 hours straight in the car-no crying, no whining, no screaming. Not too bad!

-Connor did not get car sick, apparenly the 'sea sick wrist bands' are working, but only if they are put on just right and Connor doesn't take them off.

-I know it is not my lucky day, so I will refrain from buying lotto tickets today :)

*However, this could be the result of getting 3 hours of sleep last night(and I think that is a generous estimate).


Heids July 24, 2009 at 6:57 PM  

you poor mamma! you need a hot bath and an early bedtime tonight!

Amy July 24, 2009 at 10:16 PM  

Okay, I laughed. I thought I was the only one who did things like this! I hope your day improved.

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