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 Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The boys & I spent quite awhile at the mall today. We went to the Carter's store, where I had a couple of coupons, I made my selections, went to check out and was told I could only use one of the coupons or I had to spend more...wierd! So, after the salesperson told me how much more I had to spend and how much I would save (I had to spend an additional $25 more than my original $50, but then I would save $35 total). So, I ended up spending just under $40. Long story short, I had to 'buy' more to spend less. Fortunately, this worked out in my favor and ended up with quite the assortment of clothes for the boys...yippee! Connor enjoyed playing with all the dinosaurs, animals, and trains. He even got to pick out a new dinosaur...he chose an Apotosarous. At least this is a name I can say!

Then, we had Chinese food from the food court-Connor loves it-wonder where he gets that from. Even though I know it is so greasy, so sweet, so full of salt and not an ounce of nutrition-it tastes so delicious the couple of times a year we have it :)

We ventured over to Cabela's to look at all the animals and the aquarium with the big fish. Connor loves all the animals and especially the fish. Dylan even had a great time looking at the fish this time, he was very excited. And apparently I spent too much time in there because I ended up buying two shirts for myself. Who would have thought I would be shopping for clothing at Cabela's??? I was just as suprised myself.

Another fun day with the boys. And we plan to go to the zoo again tomorrow...we never tire of the zoo. We have to enjoy this nice cool weather while we can, as I know it won't last long.


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