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Dylan is 4 months old today!

 Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well, it seems like every month, I say "how quickly the time flies by". And it is SO true. I can't believe Dylan is already 4 months old. How very exciting! He is working hard on those teeth and they are ready to pop through anytime I am sure. Poor little guy. He is rolling over like crazy, smiling lots, giggling like no other, and really starting to play with all his fun toys now. We are working on sitting up on his own, but he gets too excited and falls over. He is so stinking cute and loves making eye contact at anybody and everybody. Some days it is hard to get through the store without 10 people stopping us to chat with him. It is lots of fun and makes us proud of both our adorable boys!

Dylan loves to chew on his two fingers :)

He has discovered his head & hair!

Its not everyday you get to ride a giraffe!

Down the slide...

This is fun!!!!


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