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Wish us luck...

 Friday, August 28, 2009

Wish us luck with ALL of the following...

  • Have a quick & safe flight to Dallas
  • A scream-free flight (as well)
  • Find a wonderful home in Texas
  • Hope that we like Dallas
  • Sell our home in St. Louis while we are gone
  • Have a great week & enjoy some good family time
  • Don't come back to St. Louis wearing cowboy hats, boots, and saying "y'all"


Dylan is 5 months old!

 Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dylan is quite talented and flexible. His toes are his favorite portable chew toy!

He is already a little character. Oh my! We will see what the next months & years bring!

So happy. He loves being outside enjoying the fresh air.

Such a serious little face. He is our little cutie.

He wants to get up & go play with his brother so badly!

Loves to cuddle & sleep with us. Especially at the pool with Daddy. Just like Daddy!

Wow! Look at how big Dylan is!!!

This was from the first week we brought him home, I can't believe how little he was. WOW!

Dylan still amazes us everyday! He really loves to play and watch Connor. Connor is very entertaining to him. Last night (for the first time) Dylan took a bath with Connor in the big bath tub and LOVED it. He was so excited. He has started eating some baby foods such as rice cereal, oatmeal, avocado, banana, and applesauce. He is enjoying the foods so far. Still no teeth, but I am expecting at least one to pop through anytime. These 5 months have gone by so quickly, I can't believe how much he has grown, how much he has changed, and how much personality he already has. He is a true joy each and every day. We love you very much Dylan!


Fun times at the pool!

 Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dylan & Kyra hanging out at the pool. Kyra is a month older than Dylan. They were both interested in Dylan's colorful big floppy hat.

Look at both babies sitting! They are both growing up so fast!

Connor & Trevor had fun splashing around in the pool. The pool sure tired them out!

Dylan's first time in the pool. He seemed to like it. But oddly enough, it was a little too chilly for him. Crazy nice and pleasant weather in St. Louis in August. But I am not complaining one bit!

Connor stopped to pose for a picture.


Sleeping boys...

This is what a typical morning looks like :) However, both boys slept through the night last night...YAH! However, we do consider 5am sleeping through the night. Chris was already up when Connor woke up, so he brought him to bed, then a couple minutes later in he walks with Dylan. Dylan will eat and go right back to sleep, but with Connor it is a toss up. This morning, they both slept in our bed until after 6:30am. And in our house, that is considered sleeping in.


The Wineries with Friends!

 Sunday, August 23, 2009

We had been saying for almost a year now that we needed to make a trip to the wineries, so we finally did! We all had a blast, but makes us very sad that we won't be able to do all these fun things unless they come visit us in Dallas :) Or better yet, move there with us ;-)

Had to try for a family picture with the grapes - too bad Dylan had just (finally) fell asleep! But Connor enjoyed eating the grapes...he sure does love picking fruit & vegetables to eat.

This is the wine we always get..La Rustica Red...very yummy & of course, sweet (hints the winery name - Sugar Creek). We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was beautiful out!

Sugar Creek Winery just opened their beer garden and sells beers --- they boys were super excited they got to drink beer instead of just wine. They had some from O'fallon Brewery and then had to try this one from Augusta Brewery, which was called Farmhouse Ale. It didn't get the highest marks, especially for its high price tag, but it is always fun to try new beers.

Connor & Noah had fun chasing each other around --- Connor had an especially fun time torturing Noah, he enjoyed getting a rise out of Noah :)

Unfortunately, Dylan didn't sit there and read a book the whole time we were there, but I really wish he would have! That would have made the trip even better!


Busch Wild Life Area

 Monday, August 17, 2009

The Humming birds were fun to watch near the visitor's center.

There were several hawks which were really cool to watch.

We were watching for deer in this field, but unfortunately didn't see any here, just one near the car, but it was too fast that Connor didn't get to see it.

The wild flowers were so pretty!

Dylan enjoyed the adventure.

Dylan & Mama

Daddy & Connor looking for some animals

Connor enjoying our picnic lunch we brought along.

Dylan enjoying his nap while we picnic!

We had fun at the Busch Wild Life area on Saturday. We didn't see as much wild life as we had hoped, but we did manage to see lots of hawks, a crane, a deer, a frog, humming birds, and lots of other birds. It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed our picnic lunch. It was a beautiful day!


A great Friday!

 Friday, August 14, 2009

Connor asked all day on Friday to bake a cake. Well, that is just too much work to bake the cake, wait for it to cool, then make the frosting and frost it and then decorate it. So, I agreed to make cookies instead. And that was fine by Connor. Well, he did not want to wait for the chocolate chip cookies to cool, but I wasn't going to wait either! So, he tore them into little pieces, blew on them real quick, then proceeded to shove them all in his mouth. Whatever works!

Here is what Dylan was doing while we were eating the cookies...hanging out on the floor with all the animals by the barn. he was enjoying himself and rolling around. He is starting to push himself up with his arms, but doesn't have the leg strength yet to crawl. But when he does, I am going to be in trouble!

Here is what we picked on Friday from the garden---a couple of baby carrots, a couple of cucumbers, and a few small cherry tomatoes. All were really yummy in the great salad I made to go with the spinache and cheese ravioli and corn on the cob. While I was picking the tomatoes, I knocked off a green tomato on accident and was immediately scolded by Connor. At least he understands the concept!

Here is one of the garden boxes --- tomatoes are doing okay, not wonderful, but the carrots are doing really well and they are very sweet and yummy. At least the tomato plants are producing. I just wish it were more tomatoes.

The Roma tomatoes are just about ready for fact, I picked one tonight to use in our Tortilla soup! I love being able to pick fresh veggies from the garden and use them within minutes---now that is fresh!!!

Yummy basil! The basil has over taken this container & I couldn't be happier! I LOVE basil...almost as much as I love garlic :)

What a great Friday we had!


Another Video...Connor & Dylan

 Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here is another video from a few weeks ago of Connor giving Dylan 'raspberries'. Connor's laugh is too cute and Dylan is so tolerate of a loving Big Brother.


Video of Dylan

 Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here is a video of Dylan sitting from today. Such a big boy! Hope it works!


Growing up way too fast!

Just look at these two adorable boys...

Look at Dylan sitting up! He has been sitting up a lot lately & doing awesome at it. After eating his rice cereal tonight, he decided to sit up in his bouncy seat, which is on an incline! Apparently, he is working on those abs! Way to go Dylan!

And now Mr. Cool thinks he can just get up & go making an escape from his bouncy seat! Boy oh boy-these boys are sure going to give me a run for my money! I am in trouble!

Connor thinks Dylan new trick is pretty cool! He is proud of his little brother!

I told Connor earlier today that we could have ice cream after dinner. I was planning on going to get some frozen custard, but by the time Chris got home from work and we ate dinner, it was too late. Thinking that we had ice cream here, I told Connor we would have some here instead, then he insisted on cake! Luckily, we had cake and no ice cream (apparently we have had too many milkshakes lately!). So, he got his cake and was quick to go to the pantry to retrieve the sprinkles & a birthday candle. Apparently Connor had something to celebrate...maybe he knows something we don't-perhaps about the house?!? Anyways, we lit the candle and he blew it out!

How could you deny this adorable cheesy kid cake & a birthday candle & sprinkles?

I have come to realize my boys are growing up way too fast! Dylan is already sitting up on his own, trying to crawl-he does move across the floor...sometimes rolling, sometimes going backwards, forwards or sideways, but he gets to where they toys & brother are. And he is only 4.5 months! And just tonight for bedtime, Chris was going to read Connor 2 books, well, Chris got up to take a phone call, so I sat down to read to him. The second Chris got off the phone, Connor jumped up and starting pushing me and yelling "GO GO GO GO GO UP UP UP UP GO GO GO GO". We were laughing so hard. But I did get him to say, "Pretty Please GO" Instead of entirely kicking me out of his room and I got a bonus hug & kiss in exchange for leaving his room. I knew this day would come that I am no longer the preferred parent, but I was hoping it would not be until he started sports in a couple more years.


Dylan enjoys his first foods!

 Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dylan and his first few bites of cereal....YUM!"Mmmmm...not too bad, I like this rice cereal!"
"Yes, I want more...please."

"Just give me the spoon, I will do it!"

"Must you let Brother feed me?!?"

"Brother, again?! Seriously!"

"All Done!"

"Really! All Done! NO More!"


Dylan's 4 month pictures!

 Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dylan sure does love to have his picture taken, can you tell???


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