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Growing up way too fast!

 Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just look at these two adorable boys...

Look at Dylan sitting up! He has been sitting up a lot lately & doing awesome at it. After eating his rice cereal tonight, he decided to sit up in his bouncy seat, which is on an incline! Apparently, he is working on those abs! Way to go Dylan!

And now Mr. Cool thinks he can just get up & go making an escape from his bouncy seat! Boy oh boy-these boys are sure going to give me a run for my money! I am in trouble!

Connor thinks Dylan new trick is pretty cool! He is proud of his little brother!

I told Connor earlier today that we could have ice cream after dinner. I was planning on going to get some frozen custard, but by the time Chris got home from work and we ate dinner, it was too late. Thinking that we had ice cream here, I told Connor we would have some here instead, then he insisted on cake! Luckily, we had cake and no ice cream (apparently we have had too many milkshakes lately!). So, he got his cake and was quick to go to the pantry to retrieve the sprinkles & a birthday candle. Apparently Connor had something to celebrate...maybe he knows something we don't-perhaps about the house?!? Anyways, we lit the candle and he blew it out!

How could you deny this adorable cheesy kid cake & a birthday candle & sprinkles?

I have come to realize my boys are growing up way too fast! Dylan is already sitting up on his own, trying to crawl-he does move across the floor...sometimes rolling, sometimes going backwards, forwards or sideways, but he gets to where they toys & brother are. And he is only 4.5 months! And just tonight for bedtime, Chris was going to read Connor 2 books, well, Chris got up to take a phone call, so I sat down to read to him. The second Chris got off the phone, Connor jumped up and starting pushing me and yelling "GO GO GO GO GO UP UP UP UP GO GO GO GO". We were laughing so hard. But I did get him to say, "Pretty Please GO" Instead of entirely kicking me out of his room and I got a bonus hug & kiss in exchange for leaving his room. I knew this day would come that I am no longer the preferred parent, but I was hoping it would not be until he started sports in a couple more years.


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