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A new crafty...

 Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well, we made it to the zoo (at least) one last time before we move. I got the boys and as I attempted to lock the car, it wouldn't lock...hmmm, wierd! So, I finally realize that the trunk is open, after several failed attempts, I realize the latch on the truck in broken. Great! So, we head into the zoo anyways, I did manage to find some yarn and pipe cleaners. When we are leaving, I figured out how to tie down the trunk with my crafty items :) It held until I got to the VW dealership and they replaced the trunk latch! They did laugh a little at me. And of course both boys were sound asleep when I pulled in there. Go Figure! But they soon awoke and Connor enjoyed playing with all the toys there-good thing it is very kid friendly!

WoW! As I like to call it, I got a $168 car wash, but the trunk works now, so that is a plus. That was my 3rd time to the VW dealership in a week...the car is sparkly clean!

I will post the zoo pictures soon, along with lots more :)


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