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The Zoo!

 Sunday, August 2, 2009

Looks like the snake is getting the penguins!

Connor & Jackson playing house at the Zoomagination play area-wouldn't the daddies be so proud???

Connor watching the goat climb the do those goats do it?

Looking up at the frogs...pretty cool view!

Love the fish...oh and 'Shark' is swimming with the fish!

Dylan just enjoying watching the animals and all the people.

Ewww...a snake, at least I think that is what he was looking at. Very interested.

Connor & Jackson playing at the zoo.

We made it to the zoo at least one last time before we move. We did go on the very last day our membership expired :( We will miss the zoo terribly. We were glad we got to go with Beth & Jackson.

We played more than we looked at animals, but we had a great time in the Children's Zoo petting the goats, looking at the fish, insects, and other fun animals. We walked through the cold penguin exhibit-which is fun to see all the beautiful penguins. We did manage to get splashed by a few penguins and saw one swimming super fast was quite entertaining.

We left the tour up to Connor and ended up riding the carousel, taking the train ride around the zoo, looking at the Gorillas, eating french fries for lunch, and playing in the play area with all the animals. Then he picked out a new stingray and a dino book from the gift shop as we were leaving. What a fun day spend at the zoo!


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