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Pass or Fail?

 Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We had Connor's speech evaluated this week, but it isn't just talking, it has to do with communication and other developmental skills as well. And he has to below 50% overall in all areas to quality for help (I guess that is what you call it). So, suprisingly when the lady was here doing the test, Connor listened to her and (for the most part) did everything she asked, he just didn't use words-no suprise there. He could sort out all the shapes and colors when she asked him to-which I was completely suprised, since we have never really done that, especially not with cards, just mainly objects. She tried to make him ask for more, but when she told him he had to "ask", he of course went mute and finally she gave in...she said, that darn smile is just too hard to resist! So, at least it isn't just me :)

So, I am not sure if I was wanting him to do good or do poorly. He can communicate with me/us just fine, he has a funny way of letting us know what he wants. I can understand him 98% of the time, which I know is why he doesn't talk. However, when this baby comes (only 40 more days), I think he will have to talk! And he hardly ever gets frustrated if we don't know what he is asking for or telling us what he wants. So, we should get his test results next week :)

And the questions they ask Connor and me are a lot of times stuff we would never think of teaching Connor, so it is good for us to think of different things. Some of the questions were:

* Does he help set the table for dinner? Well, I didn't know a 2-year old should be doing that-but now he does & he absolutely loves it. And it is pretty entertaining to see his placement of items.

*Can he draw a straight line? A circle? Never tried, I was just happy with him coloring, which he loves to do on a daily basis. Didn't know I was supposed to be teaching him to draw shapes, I thought scribbling was enough.

So, atleast from all of this, I am getting some ideas of what else we should be teaching him.


Amy February 18, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

Lily loves to set the table too. It is Aidan's chore, but there is usually a fight if she doesn't get to help. Too funny!

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