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Ash Wednesday!

 Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not a good day to start Lent...I don't think any of us sleep more than a couple hours last night. I had the great idea that we would take Chris to work, then Connor & I would go to church at 8am, then to my doctor appointment later in the morning. Well, not getting much sleep doesn't do me very well at all. And to top that off, we are 'giving up' eating out! Which isn't that big of a deal for us, considering we don't eat out much at all, but unfortunately that does include Starbucks! Needless to say, we didn't make it to 8am mass. We will try again for the noon mass, but that is during naptime, so I am not hopeful.

So, after a LONG night, we couldn't even stop by Starbucks this morning, which we really needed! So, we broke out the Starbucks bottled Frapp's we had in the pantry-not quite the same, but helped! And to make matters worse, all I wanted for breakfast was biscuits & gravy (with sausage, of course)-but again, since it is Ash Wednesday, no meat. And I made Stew (more soup-like, it wasn't very thick) for dinner last night, I just made sure there was no pieces of meat in it, so Chris could take it to work for lunch.

We did try to get our Starbucks fix by having it both Saturday & Sunday this weekend and getting pizza. And by the way, we will not last until Easter with our not eating out, we are realistic...once the baby comes, we will need Starbucks and if the hospital food isn't edible, I can guarantee I won't be eating that :) So, at least we are realistic in our expectations/goals.

And to top things off, as a way to try and get Connor to talk and say words, I have been holding out on cereal until he says cereal. It has already been a week and nothing! And he LOVES cereal for breakfast, snack, anytime-so I thought for sure he would just give in and say it already. I think it must be a battle of the wills-only time will tell who gives in first. Although it is more work for me trying to come up with a different breakfast option and snacks for him, I am trying my best! Wonder where he gets is stubborn behavior from....


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