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Nice day!

 Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Well, this weather is too nice here for the time being, anyways. It was 74 degrees here today, a little breezy and overcast, but we were able to play outside this morning and all afternoon, which is always a plus. However, we are supposed to have rain and thunder storms tomorrow and they are calling for snow on Thursday-gotta love this crazy St. Louis weather.

The sun was out for a bit yesterday, so I decided to wash all the cloth diapers (Yes, we will be using cloth diapers for this baby boy!). So, I put them in the sun yesterday until it got really windy. Did the same today, so they should be nice and clean. I also made my own detergent for the cloth diapers-hard to tell if it really works since they aren't dirty, but I am sure time will tell. It is hard to find detergent without soap or enzymes, so I am hoping this will work!

I have made laundry soap in the past, but wasn't impressed with it, so I will be giving it another shot, altering the recipe this time. But I first have to find some bar soap. But I did manage to make some dishwater detergent that seems to work pretty well!


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