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Lots to Do!

 Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Connor loves to wear our shoes around the house-apparently he wanted to feel 'girly' in mine. He thought it was hilarious.
Connor is ready to play catch...he sets all the fish on one couch for us, then waits for us to throw them to him on the other couch.

My lazy boy watching TV.

Playing with Shamu & Rainbow Fish!

Just being cute!

Lounging with zebra on his bare belly-wonder where he learned that from...

Lots and lots to do! The real countdown has started...5 more weeks! Now I think I am realizing I have more things to do than I possibly have time to do! I came up with my master to-do list, which is to be completed before March 30th. Which would give me plenty of time if I didn't have to cook, clean, play with Connor, rest every 15 minutes..oh and sleep. My list is 2 pages in a word document! And for some reason it keeps growing & growing and I haven't been able to check more than 2 items off yet...yikes! And to think this is just my "have to get done" not "want to get done" list.

We had a good weekend, but it went by way to fast, as usual. Saturday, we got up and were suprised by a very light layer of white snow outside, but it didn't last long. We ran errands all morning. Babies R Us was our first stop to look for a new crib mattress and some other baby items. I guess I am just cheap (with some stuff anyways) because I saw a really cute changing table pad for $25, but told Chris I would just make one, the same thing for a new Boppy pilllow cover. Chris just rolls his eyes at me! We had to be home to watch the Cougar basketball game...they won, so it was a good day! Then we went to a friends for a "Sweet 16" Birthday Party...for their DOG! It was pretty funny-Connor made the dog a card and was excited to give it to him and enjoyed the cake and even the party hat.

Then Sunday, Connor & I went and ran more errands and did some shopping, we left the house around 9am and didn't make it back home until around 3pm. We decided to let Chris have some quiet time to get his homework done! How nice are we?!? However, I think he ended up just getting frustrated with the homework, but atleast Connor & I had fun shopping and found some fun stuff! I even found a new changing pad cover for just $6, much better than the other one that was $25, I don't think I could make it for $6, so I could justify the price :) And I also found some Babylegs, which I absolutely LOVE, but Chris hates. But I found some 'not so girly' ones and they were a great price, so I couldn't pass them up! Connor was good the entire time-I was amazed! I did take along some good treats, but really I only used them as rewards, not as a bribe! :)

Last week, I tried a new version of Mac & Cheese using gorgonzola, mozzarella and parmasean cheeses...Chris & Connor were not fans of it. So, Sunday night I had to make my normal Mac & Cheese and Fried Apples, of course. (My all-time favorite meal) They were happy with it and liked it much better than the 'sophisticated' version-darn boys :) In fact, Connor liked it so much for about the first 10 bites he didn't even chew it, he would just swallow the shells whole...we were laughing so hard, we didn't know how to explain to him to chew it, finally he started eating it 'normal', but it was pretty funny!


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