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Is quilting for me???

 Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am still working on my Valentine's quilt, also known as my "practice" quilt. For good reason! I realized I had no idea what I was doing. I cut out all my squares using scrap fabrics I had, somehow came up with measurments of 3.5 inches for each square, and placed them in a pattern. That was the easy part! Once I started sewing them all together, I realized I had to press to the dark side or press the seams open??? I went with pressing the seams open! Oh my! I definitely should have done bigger squares-I am not a fan of ironing anyways! This too way too long to do. But it was finally all done, I had the front of my 'quilt' done. I showed Chris (proud as can be because it actually looked pretty good). Then, I confessed that I had NO CLUE what to do next! How do you put the quilt together???

After seaching on google, I found how to make a "quilt sandwhich", but that was it. No good instructions and I had already taken my quilting books back to the library. So, then finally last night I figured I would just go for it! I really didn't want to hand quilt, as I know I don't have to patience, skill or time for! So, after searching and searching if my sewing machine would be able to handle it (which I never figured out), I just went for it. But, how on earth do I quilt??? Straight lines, how far apart? I was at a loss.

So, being stubborn and not wanting yet another project to be left unfinished, I just started sewing, or should I say quilting?!? Laughing the entire time because I know this is not how it is supposed to be done. What do you do with the thread? I am pretty sure you don't backstitch & that is all I have ever done. So, here I am just "winging it". I am about half way done, but don't have the energy for it tonight, so it will have to wait until tomorrow night! And the binding...oh my! I don't even know what I am going to do for that yet either! At least I have until Saturday, as Saturday is Valentine's Day!


Amy February 11, 2009 at 8:32 AM  

You sound like me making Lily's baby doll quilt, as my practice quilt, and then finishing her baby quilt (2 years late). Can't wait to see a picture.

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