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I NEED a drink...

 Friday, February 27, 2009

How come it is when you really need a drink, it is not allowed??? I have to share a quick story from this morning-at least I can find some humor in it already! I was being a nice wife this morning and got up before Chris left for work to make sure he had lunch. I told him I would take the trash out (since today is trash day). So, I went through the garage and took the bin outside. When I returned, the garage door into the house was closed & locked. My sweet & adorable Connor decided to lock me out this morning! What a way to start the morning!!!

Luckily, I borrowed a phone from a neighbor to call Chris. Of course, Chris does not answer (it is a number he doesn't know). I call again, he answers-I ask him if we for some amazing reason have an extra key hiding in the garage? Nope, no such luck. I am begging Connor to open the door, but no such luck. After trying that & trying to open the door with a screw driver. I walk around the house looking for the "perfect" window to break & ask Chris if he has a preference? His response, "Any are going to be expensive, it doesn't matter!" Finally, I got in! Not sure if Connor finally unlocked the door or if I was successful with the screw driver!

New item for to-do list: Go make extra keys to hide outside and give to neighbor :)

Lesson learned! If it wasn't for this baby, I think I would be enjoying a bottle (or maybe even 2 bottles) of wine this morning :)

Thank goodness it is Friday!!!


Amy February 27, 2009 at 3:40 PM  

You do need a drink! I have that fear because our front door closes by itself and we always keep it locked. When I go out front, I'm afraid that it will shut or a kid will shut it. Hope your day gets better!

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