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Finally Nesting???

 Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well, it is obvious that I am getting bigger & bigger & bigger!!!

Our friends had a little get-together to celebrate the little mister.

More fun toys & cute clothes!!!

March 1. Wow! 29 more days to go, now I think the time will fly by! Chris said, "Happy March" this morning & I think that is when I realized we now have less than a month! So, I think today the 'nesting' instinct finally kicked into high gear! I went though all the baby clothes, blankets, and everything else-I have got all the clothes & blankets washed! And Connor & I went shopping again today so Chris could get some homework done. He can't decide if he likes or dislikes us giving him tume to do homework-he gets a lot done, but then again, we spend money :)

Along with my nesting, comes with me being quite clumsy these past few days, which really means more work for us, especially Chris. While I was scrubbing the shower, I discovered that the shower had to be re-sealed. Connor broke his airplane, so Chris had to fix that for him. Chris had to fix a leaky toilet in the guest bathroom, so Chris has been busy with his own to-do list, hopefully that won't keep growing like mine. Then today I broke the knob off of the pantry door by leaning on it when I bent down, apparently it isn't meant to hold a pregnant lady-it was quite hilarious. So, more work for Chris :) I have been busy painting boxes and getting the boys' room all decorated and ready to is coming along slowly but surely-hopefully it will be completed next weekend!

Tomorrow, Connor & I have a busy day of reading celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday, we are going to have a "Dr. Suess Day". Which means we will attempt to read all the Dr. Suess books we have...which is 28!!! Connor had a blast running around the house after dinner finding all the books and stacking them on the dining room table. We will have fun reading them tomorrow. Thanks Amy for the great idea-we will see if I think it is a great idea after ready all 28 books-my tongue may be quite twisted by the time we get to book #10.


Amy March 2, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

I told Aidan and Lily that we had to spread the books out during the day or as it says in Fox in Socks - my tongue will be quite numb now. (And I had to laugh about the pantry door.)

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