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Sprinkles for breakfast?!?

 Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oatmeal with Sprinkles!
Yum! Sprinkles for breakfast!

Open wide!

Well, I finally gave in after over 3 weeks (maybe more) of holding out on the cereal...Connor refused to say it and apparently didn't want it that bad. My new technique is forcing him to 'try' new/different foods. No, that doesn't mean I sit on him and force it down his throat, I just make him try one bite. The first thing I did this with was oatmeal-he was excited about it when we bought it at the store, so the next morning I asked him if he would like oatmeal? He said yes, so that is what I made. I like it with milk & brown sugar, so that is how I made it. He wouldn't even try it. So, after taking away his apple juice, cartoons, and a few time-outs later...he gave in (amazing!) and tried the oatmeal. Suprise, suprise, he liked it! Wow! Does Mom know best, or what? So, playing hardball worked for me (this time, anyways).
This morning, I made oatmeal for breakfast and Connor refused to try. Chris' technique (although quite different from mine) worked too! He asked if he would like sprinkles on his oatmeal??? Connor jumped up from the table, ran to the pantry, grabbed the sprinkles and was back in his seat in 5 seconds flat! And he ate his oatmeal...lots of it! So, thanks Nana for that-we would have never had SO many sprinkles if it wasn't for you!
So, we have a LONG to-do list this weekend...Connor and Chris just finished putting a stool together, Connor in his undies with tools....TOO CUTE! But don't worry, I took lots of pictures, so I will put those up this weekend-my breaks consist of sitting down at the computer between cleaning and organizing :)


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