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Good Thing He is Cute!

 Thursday, March 5, 2009

Riding a friend's bike outside today!
Playing with some bubbles outside today!

So, just to add a little humor to my day, I thought I would keep track of how many times Connor got in trouble during the entire day. Keep in mind, it was almost 70 here today, which we took full advantage of playing outside & using as much energy as possible. (Although, I think that backfired & I am much more tired than Connor!) But to Connor's defense, he was up by 6am this morning :)

Time-outs for the day:

1. Slamming the cupboards.
2. Not wanting to wash hands after using the potty.
3. Slamming the cupboards.
4. Toy drill taken away for throwing it.
5. Dropping books and telling me "NO" he won't put them away.
6. Not wanting to get dressed.
7. Shutting the door on me.
8. Pushing.
9. Throwing my cookbook off the counter.
10. Took picture book away because ripping out the pages.
11. Unrolling the toilet paper.
12. Not listening when outside on a walk.
13. Not listening.
14. Ripping the Kleenex while going potty.
15. Playing rough with fridge magnets.
16. Grabbing stuff off counter.
17. Not listening.

Do we have anger-mangement problems??? We were trying out the "Love & Logic" style of parenting for awhile, but then Connor stopped responding to it. I think I have to constantly be reading the book in order to remember to do! But you can only give so many options in a day!

Connor has perfected how to push my buttons. I try to ignore all these things, but wow! And I wonder what he will be like when the baby comes....I try not to think about that!


Amy March 5, 2009 at 7:07 PM  

He and Lily must be talking to each other. Today we had 5,6,7, and 15 on your list, as well as sticking her tongue out at me and then laughing. We've read "Love & Logic" and "Smart Discipline." I liked both books, but I agree about needing to read "Love & Logic" constantly.

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