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Home Sweet Home!

 Sunday, March 29, 2009

Connor checking out new baby Dylan when we brought him home. Dylan just sleeps & sleeps.

Connor loves the truck full of flowers from Grandpa-they smell pretty.

Looks so little in his bouncer.

Just sleeping...

Still sleeping.

Well, we are happy to be home! I was expecting a rough night with lots of crying and NO sleep. Amazingly, there was no crying (from Dylan, Connor, or me-amazing!). Our first night home with Connor was not this calm, we still refer to it as our worst night ever! Connor slept in his bed for part of the night, Dylan slept in the his crib for a few minutes, then to the pack n' play in our room. Dylan is a cuddler-I think I force my boys to be this way, but I LOVE IT! So, he sleeps really good if he is being held! I fed him a lot last night, changed a lot of diapers, and tried hard not to fall asleep while nursing him in bed (I don't think I was very successful with this one). He really never even cried when he was hugry or while changing his diaper, just made a few sqeaks-Connor never even moved, thank goodness he is a heavy sleeper (in our bed anyways).

Connor is starting to warm up to Dylan. He loves to "help" change diapers, which involves standing over him laughing. I keep asking him to toss the dirty ones in the trash, but he refuses-he says, "EWWWWW" and runs away.

Where is my lovely Spring weather? We woke up with a couple of inches of snow! When I was up in the middle of the night, everything was completely white and it was still snowing! My poor flowers! Lots of my Spring bulbs had already bloomed. But the good news is, it is supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow-my fingers are crossed!


Amy March 29, 2009 at 1:40 PM  

Our first night with Aidan was our worst too, but it was better with Lily. We had snow yesterday, but it didn't stick and today we have some sun. Love all of the pictures. Glad everyone is home. Miss you all.

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