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Trade me in???

 Friday, March 6, 2009

Connor had so much fun playing with his water toys in his water table.....
Still playing...

And still playing with the water...oh what fun!

Connor hasn't figured out how to drive yet, which is a good thing-not sure I would be able to chase him all around. However, he does love to play in it.

We even had out snack outside today. We have been using muffin tins lately for our snacks. Connor loves it and it makes me provide more of a was banana bread, strawberries, kiwi, apples, and crackers. Of course, I share his snacks with him :)

It was such a nice day today-it was near 80 degrees! We were outside at 8am this morning and we didn't come in until almost 6pm. You know I am seriously 'nesting' when I have the urge to organize the gargage. So, that is what I worked on today while Connor played outside with all his toys. He was thrilled to get out his water table and water toys!

We took a walk down the street today & ran into some neighbors and Connor decided to bring her home, all the while leaving me! She is a senior in High School-he just grabbed her hand and made her walk home with him. She kept asking him if he wanted to wait for mom, he kept saying "NO". Once I got home, she was sitting in the driveway playing with his water toys with him! He didn't even miss me. Then, a bit later, another neighbor came home and Connor ran up to her, grabbed her hand, pulled her over to his toys and made her sit down! This is a neighbor Connor has never even said hi to, I barely ever say hi. I think he was trying to replace me today-I guess too much "Mama Time". This crazy kid!

But tonight, he gave me lots of extra hugs before bedtime, so I think he was happy he didn't get rid of me :)

And, for some reason, Chris is the one having cravings...pickles & icecream lately. I am hoping all the icecream he has been eating, he will gain a few pounds so there is a chance I won't weigh more than him by the end of this pregnancy :)


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