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Productive Weekend!

 Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well, this weekend proved to be fairly productive! Chris got a lot done, anyways. He fixed the car-just some maintence on it, unlike last weekend when we thought something major was wrong with it. He is determined to keep this one running well and looking pretty so he can't justify buying another one. (Me, on the other hand, I am slowly breaking him down). I caught him actually cleaning everything under the hood...I think he caught the "nesting" bug! He replaced all the smoke detectors, put together some baby stuff and a stool, replaced the light switches in the boys' room, put up the mirror & baby monitor, and worked on the compost (it needs some love), among some other random things.

Me, on the other hand, only got some random things done-I got the laundry room all cleaned and organized, cleaned the oven (it only took me a full day to do), cleaned out the fridge, coat closet, sterlized all the baby stuff and re-arranged a cupboard to put it all in. Not all these things were on my list, but apparently I find it important to have a clean oven, laundry room, and coat least I realize I am being a little wierd and obsessive! Even though our house looks like a tornado has gone through fridge and oven are spotless as is my laundry room....for the moment anyways! I didn't get to even think about any of my craft or sewing projects-so, this baby has to wait a little longer!

Tomorrow is supposed to be 67 and Tuesday should be 74! WOW! If so, we will spend a lot of time outside-maybe I will be able to get my garden plans underway and even some seeds started...that is the plan anyways! Tomorrow I got back to the doctor, the contractions haven't started yet tonight-yippeee! Seems like this kiddo is cooperating.


Amy March 16, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

Wow you got a lot done! Chris fixing a car? just can't picture it for some reason. Enjoy your nice weather. We had snow yesterday - again - and rain today, and it is cold!

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