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18 more days!

 Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well, we are getting closer & closer to meeting this little boy! As excited as we are, he needs to wait! We still have A LOT to get done before the end of the month! And family won't be here to help until the 24th. I had another doctor appointment today...everything looks good! My doctor just laughs at me because I am not begging to get this kid out! LOL. Chris & Connor both went along today & got to hear the heartbeat-it had been a long time since Chris got to hear it. I still feel tired after doing too much (you would think I would learn) and have had contractions every night for the past week and a half, but just random and not painful, and luckily they go away. But it is so weird feeling because I didn't feel any of that with Connor.

And, at last, Chris has a little break from school-so he now has a lengthy "honey-do" list of his own :) So, tonight we are up late watching the Cougar basketball game and cleaning and organizing and painting boxes! So, I guess Cougar basketball is helping us complete our list...we have another late night tomorrow night! So, I am looking forward to getting lots more done, fingers crossed!

This crazy weather! Yesterday it was 80 degrees and I was wearing a tank top as we went on a walk, today it was 30 degrees! I am ready for Spring!


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