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Happy Groundhog's Day!

 Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy February! Happy Groundhog's Day! Wow-I can't believe it is already February. The first picture is evidence that Connor is ALL BOY! He uses his oven on his play kitchen to park his toys. He does love playing with all his food and cooking, but loves to make us eat the play carrots...wonder where he learned that from?!?

We had a pretty uneventful weekend! Chris' big task was to fix our car...and by Sunday afternoon, it was fixed :) After a lot of google searches and trips to the auto store! He ended up having to change the spark plugs and heat coils (?). I think anyways, he had more fun trying to explain to me that there were 4 spark plugs since we had a 4-cylinder car. Guess, I really don't know anything about cars! But it turned out much cheaper than taking it to the dealership, so we were thankful! What would we do without the internet???

Almost all our snow is gone, so sad! But the good news is, it was warm enough yesterday to get out car now it is sparkly clean (and running well). So, I like our car again...there was a few days where I had my doubts :)

Sunday, I went to Michael's and went crazy on scrapbook, looks like that is my new project for the week/month! I have to get baby's pregnancy book completeted (or at least put together) before he is born. So, hopefully picking out new paper will help me get motivated :)

It must be someting about the first of the month where I revisit my New Year's Resolutions. I haven't done so well on the organizing thing the last half of January, but I am determined to start again. Last night, while dealing with the battle of bedtime with Connor, I managed to go through all our bathroom stuff under the sink and in the closet, so that was a great start. And I want to make (sew) some really cute storage cubes for organizing everything from the boys' room to our bathroom stuff (go figure, another project). The one thing I have been great about is trying new recipes: I have a new love for my bread machine, I think I am finally figuring out how to use it (use the dough cycle only). I made some really yummy garlic knots with mozzarella cheese & some delicious pretzels. I also experiemented with chicken chili last night & it turned out really good. It was VERY spicy-I was happy! YUM! Connor even enjoyed dipping his chips into it, even though he had to take a drink of milk to help with the 'heat' after every bite. Guess he does like spicy food!
Well, off to make some banana pancakes for breakfast!


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