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Happy Friday!

 Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy Friday! Not sure if that is a "it is finally friday" or "wow, it is already friday". It has been a crazy week for us. But Connor & I slept in until 8am this morning-that was amazing! We had snow this week & there is still snow on the ground. Yah! So, on Wednessday, I had my doctor appointment and Connor's doctor appointment scheduled.

Well, mine was running late, so I had to move Connor's to Thursday. My appointment was quick & easy, we got to hear the baby's heartbeat, which is always great to hear. But we sat in the waiting room for over an hour and a least we were the only ones there the entire time-I guess no one else wanted to go out in the snow. But we got a special treat afterwards-Olive Garden, again! I know, we are spoiled, poor Chris never gets any of the good stuff.

So, then yesterday, we went to Connor's doctor and he weighs 27 lbs, 11 oz. , he is 34 3/4 inches tall and he above the 50% tile in all areas of growth, so that is great! Although, he is still not talking, we will be working more on that. He did get 2 shots, which is still harder for me than him. He did better getting the shots than getting weighed, he doesn't like to be paraded around the doctors office in just his underwear, I think he feels "exposed". The doctor says this is normal 2 year old behavior & this is why he only schedules 2 two-year visits a day, that is all he can handle, LOL. Good point! But he was okay with us waiting or not getting a few of the other vaccines and holding off on baby's vaccines as well.

But it made me realize how much I LOVE all of our doctors here. We have found a great peditrician, my OB is wonderful, our primary care doctor is great too, our eye doctor is not bad either, and our dentist is great! So, we couldn't be happier with all of them, which is pretty amazing for the terrible doctors we have had in the past!


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