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30 weeks & counting...

 Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well, I finally hit the 30 week mark, only 10 weeks left to go! However, it may not sound like much time, but it is still 68 days! Yikes, that sounds like a LONG time. My belly has gotten really big in the last couple weeks...I can't imagine it getting much bigger, but I guess it is going to. I have been feeling pretty good, just tired. My body definitely tells me when I need to slow down, which is hard for me. I am starting to get in that uncomfortable stage & my belly is starting to get in the way, I have a much harder time bending over, getting up from the floor, getting out of the bath tub, and getting out of bed. And we still haven't decided on a name for this baby boy yet, so his name remains "baby boy' or "baby brother".


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