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Weekend Fun!

 Sunday, January 11, 2009

Well, the weekend is over always go by way too quick. Chris ended up going into work for a few hours on Saturday, so we took him to work and ran a few errands. Connor & I had lunch at Olive Garden (YUM) & did some shopping-we had fun. Connor is SO good for me when we go there by ourselves, he even sits on his own side of the booth. He loves the breadsticks. We had a great time, then picked up Chris from work, came home and watched the Cougar basketball game-they won! Saturday night we had a fun dessert of fondue chocolate with some fruit to dip, delicious! Go Cougs! Then we had a baptism to go to today, so we made it to church again, we are doing well :) Then to Applebees for lunch to celebrate the baptism. It was a good time, but we were all tired, so we all took a nap this afternoon, which was great! Then, as a special treat, we went to Coldstone for ice cream, Connor got to choose his own ice cream this time...he picked chocolate with M&M's-what a treat for him. He was loving it! And we enjoyed our ice cream as well :) We were just all about treats this weekend...must be my sweet tooth, at least I have the baby to blame for that!
It is supposed to get cold here this week, Thursday is a high of 13 degrees, but this last Friday, we spent a good part of the day outside playing because it was 62 degrees out! That is what the pictures are from-I had fun playing with the new camera and enjoying the fresh air. So, that was a treat! And this week, we are getting ready for Connor's birthday-he will be 2 on Friday! How quickly these 2 years have flown by!


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