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An end to the fun with Daddy!

 Sunday, January 4, 2009

Well, I guess all the fun has to end sometime. Today is Chris' last day at home with us, as tomorrow he has to go back to work :( I am not quite sure if Chris is looking forward to it or not. But I am pretty sure he didn't get sick of staying home, which is usually the case on long weekends & this was 13 days straight. We are very thankful to have him home, but also very thankful he has a job to go back to :) Connor LOVED having him home to play & so did I. Although we didn't get as much done around the house as we had hoped, it was still wonderful. Today we are scrambling to get the rest of the Christmas decorations back to the basement for storage and the house back to 'normal' again.

I finally found some fabric to make a quilt for Connor's bed, so we will see when I find the time to make it-I am excited to start it. We did get our new camera & so far we love it. It is so easy to use, but has tons of settings to play around with. However, we are still waiting for our new memory card, so we can only take a few pictures at a time, which is hard to do. We made it to church this morning and Connor was really good-he generally has a hard time sitting still for an hour striaght, but we have learned to pack special treats, books, and an activity (today it was stickers). This proved very useful today, as Chris was quite worried about having to peel all the stickers off the pews after church, but all made it to the sticker book :) And we got Starbucks after church, but I was sad to hear they were all out of Egg Nog, but Chris still got his Peppermint Mocha.
However, I am very excited about all the new shows that start this week...Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Bachelor, Grey's Anatomy, and Private Practice. So exciting! Hopefully all that excitment will get me through a rough day tomorrow with Connor-he is not going to be happy that daddy is not here to play.


jeremy January 19, 2009 at 11:31 AM  

Your Great Grandma loves this website:)
i look at you everyday and i feel like
i'm apart of your life. So thank you.
i hope you guys all have a great new year.
Great Grandma Lucy.

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