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Connor's Playroom..what fun!

 Friday, January 2, 2009

All of our outdoors lights are down & it looks so dark outside our house now. And sadly it is time to take down our Christmas tree & all of our Christmas decorations inside-I always leave it up until the last possible day because it is just so pretty! The house will look so boring, so I guess I will have to put up some pink hearts for Valentine's Day! So, that is one of our many tasks for the weekend. Along with organizing our drawers, I organized our tupperware/container drawer, Connor's drawers, and our sock drawer in our room-what a chore! I had no idea how many socks we really had! However, Chris wasn't thrilled about spending money on organizing "stuff", so we decided to build (well, just cut some pieces of wood), and that worked really well. And Chris got to use his saw and feel handy :) That is always a plus. At least we started out the New Year organizing, so we are off to a good start!

But our real fun was finally decorating Connor's playroom. There are some pictures of it, Connor loves it & now will actually play in it by himself for a little bit, we are are making progress! The kids' bedroom is our next decorating project!

And we are anxiously awaiting the delivery of our new camera, so once I figure out how to use it, expect lots more pictures :)


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