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Some Creativity!

 Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally all those creative juices produced something...3 things in fact! I have made 2 little ribbon/taggie blankies for baby (Aunt Amy made a cute airplane one, so I had to do animals). And I made a "Cars" blanket for Connor. He likes the cars on it, but won't use it, suprise, suprise. I am happy I atleast got these couple of things made. Chris has been complaining that I just keep bringing more and more fabric into the house & nothing is being done with it :) It is true that I have made several trips to the fabric store lately, but it is a great excuse to leave the house by myself-not Chris & Connor's favorite place to go :) And someday something really cool will come of all the fabric!
New Year's resolutions are going well so was to try atleast 1 new recipe every week and another was to make more from scratch and so far I have tried 2 new recipes this week! Last night I made a soup using left over ham bone with all the veggies I could find, beans, tomato sauce, pasta noodles, and turned out delicious. And I made homeade cornbread (Chris said it was too crunchy b/c I used popcorn kernals ground up instead of corn meal-I was just being resourceful). But Connor loved it & I had never made cornbread before, so I was pleased! Tonight it is homeade pasta with alfredo sauce and homeade french bread! And it turned out really good, I do have to say I was suprised! I don't think I am cut out for breadmaking...I haven't had much luck, but I keep on trying! So, if anyone has any tips, please pass them along :) However, the french bread did taste pretty good (but maybe that was all the garlic butter) & I did make some yummy cinnamon roll dough with it.

And I did survive Monday when Chris went to work, it was Tuesday that I was thinking I wasn't going to make it. It was a delayed reaction to Daddy going back to work. Connor woke up early, spent at least half the day in time-out, and tested me to the extreme. But proved to be an angel once Chris walked in the door! However, I was happy to see him be cute before bedtime so I could atleast end the day with a "good" mental picture of our son. Today has been much better, which is a good thing because I am not sure if I could take another day like Tuesday!
I did get to see a tiny bit of snow, but I will take what I can get! It was enough to make me happy & wish that I would wake up to lots of snow in the morning...wishful thinking!


Amy January 8, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

I love the brown taggie blankie in your pictures. Cute fabric!

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