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Zoo Fun in February!

 Saturday, February 7, 2009

Connor & Daddy looking at the the penguins! Connor loves to show you how the penguins walk funny!

Not quite sure what Connor was doing, I think he may have been hopping, we asked him to show the kangaroos how to hop.

This is one big kitty! The tiger was just sitting looking at us.

Baby giraffe and mama giraffe, the baby isn't so small any more.

The penguins were so pretty, we may just have to watch Happy Feet soon!

The zebras are still my favorite!

A big elephant!

Bear playing with the ball!

Baby tiger! Doesn't look like a baby!

The weather yesterday & today was AMAZING! It got up to 68 yesterday, so Connor & I spent as much time outside playing as possible! And today it got up to 70, what a treat to be able to go to the zoo in February and not freeze! We all had a blast! And can you tell, I still love our new camera??? I had so much fun taking pictures!


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