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Food Obsession???

 Sunday, February 8, 2009

So, apparently this weekend has been all about food...or that is what Chris makes of it. Yesterday before going to the zoo, I had come up with a grocery list of things from Trader Joe's or Whole Foods, whichever we were going to stop at on the way home since we were close by. Chris asked, "How do we go through so much food? I never see Connor eating." He said this looking at my growing belly! So, he was implying that I eat all the food, which is fine by me, I have good reason too :) So, we get home from the zoo and store, I start some bread dough in the breadmaker to make 'pigs in a blanket'-they just sounded good even though usually I can't stand hotdogs. So, I am making those, but also put some acorn squash in the oven. I asked Chris to put the 'pigs in a blanket' in the oven to bake, when he went to put them in the oven, he didn't notice the squash, I had to yell at him that there was something else in there...then, this lead to, "What else are you making?" I told him that squash just sounded good, so we were also having that. Boy, would I haven't gotten a dirty look if I would have made the brownies I was planning on, but just ran out of time. Then, after dinner we had grapefruit that we sliced in half, put a little brown sugar on and broiled, it was delicious!

So, then today, we went to Costco and bought more food, mostly fruits & veggies...but since they only sell in bulk, we have a lot! So, I come home and we have pretzels with a beer cheese dip for lunch, then I decided to eat a plate of tomatoes with salt & pepper, but didn't offer any to Chris since he doesn't like tomatoes. Then, he looks at me and ask, "Now, what are you eating?" I told him to be careful, I might start hiding food around the house! Then for dinner we had salmon, which we grilled outside on the new cedar planks we got for Christmas, it was really good! Then for dessert we had grapefruit again! And now we are munching on a pound of rosemary cashews we roasted! YUM! I definately got my omega-3's today, guess I will have to wait to eat those 5 avacados until tomorrow!

So, Chris came to this conclusion: No wonder Jenn doesn't get anything done during the day, she is in the kitchen cooking and eating all day. Which is pretty much true, but hey, I only have a few more weeks to use this baby as an excuse and it isn't like I am gaining "too much" weight, so I have to do it now while I still can :) Anyways, we just have laughed about this all weekend b/c I really do eat all day long and quite random stuff as it has ranged from strawberries to avacados to grapefruit to hotdogs to broccoli to icecream-at least most is healthy! Chris has always laughed about how much butter, cheese, flour and milk we go through-now I guess he is realizing the reason! I guess it is sad that we buy carrots, celery, oranges, bananas, grapefruit, kiwi, onions, apples, potatoes, and avacados in bulk at Costco, but we very rarely ever throw any out!

And one more funny bit about our weekend: Connor has been such a picky eater lately, so I dried pears, bananas, and kiwi on Thursday and Friday, well, Friday, he ate all of the bananas, all of the kiwi, and lots of the pears in addition to having a fruit smoothie and a few blueberry muffins. Well, poor kid was in the bathroom a lot that night and Saturday morning. I finally figured out why, when I realized how much fruit he had really least 6 (but problably more) kiwi and our smoothies were a mix of oranges, blueberries, kiwi, strawberries, banana, and raspberry, plus all the dried pears and bananas. That sure is a lot of fruit for a Connor-man!


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