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Keeping busy...

 Monday, October 5, 2009

Dylan is his cute little hoody.

Dylan likes to bear crawl instead of regular crawling. Crazy little boy!

. Connor cheering Dylan on for crawling.

Boys playing together.

Connor playing.

Dylan sleeping.

To the right, you can see a bridge-this is the bridge Chris will have to cross everyday to get home. I love it-so pretty.

Connor & Daddy by the water.

Well, we have managed to have some fun last week with out having to go far from the hotel. We have gone to Border's Bookstore twice this already. The first time Connor had picked out 6 dinosaur books through the store before we even made it back to the Children's section. Luckily, I let him "choose" two of the ones on sale. Then we went back again for the story time, theme was "monsters". The lady read 3 books, Connor & Dylan both sat there and listened-I think they enjoyed listening to someone other than my voice. Connor also made a monster cook, which was a chocolate chip cookie with green frosting, m&m's, jellybellys, licorice, cotton candy, and some other goodies. I think that was more than enough sugar for one morning. However, we will be going back this week for "bat" story time. Oh what fun! We have done lots of shopping, but we tend to be attracted to bookstores. Borders and Half Prices Books are our favorites.

We also made our way to Chuck E. Cheese---can you even believe it?!? It is one place I said I would NEVER go. However, we were bored, Connor had a lot of energy, we had to eat lunch, and it was within walking distance. So I braved it and was pleasantly surprised! Connor was 1 of 3 kids the entire time we were there. The place had to be brand new because it was so super clean & there was someone cleaning it the whole time we were there. Connor had a blast playing the games-of course, he found a dinosaur racing game. He would run back and ask for a coin, then go play, grab his tickets, and just go back & for forth. It was so cute. I was amazed that he understood the concept of putting in a coin, playing, racing, then needing more coins. As this was his first time playing games. He played other games too. We still have coins left, so I am thinking sometime this week or next we will go back. But I will only go during the day on a weekday-just to be safe!

We finally drove by our new house this weekend-we are so excited to move in. Only two more weeks! We made a few trips to Costco, went to a new mall where there is an ice rink, so we got to watch some hockey.

Well, we have had lots of fun and we are keeping busy, but I feel like I am just so bored! There is only so much to do in this hotel room. We have some fun things planned for this week. Hopefully it won't be so rainy like this weekend was so we can get some nice walks in. I did manage to find a great stroller-so that is making the walks much more enjoyable :)


Beth and Chris Germann October 5, 2009 at 1:47 PM  

Dylan's bear crawl looks more like he is getting ready to get up and walk! I would never wish this on you, I am just saying...

Marcy October 6, 2009 at 10:41 AM  

I am in awe that he is crawling already and doing the bear crawl! I hope these next couple of weeks fly by so you can get out of that hotel room. And as for going to Chuck E. Cheese... I said we would never go either, so far I have stuck to that but we'll see as they get older.

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