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Fun outing to the Safari Park

 Thursday, October 8, 2009

Connor & Dylan sitting on the little bench waiting for an animal ride.

Connor climbing on the stairs in the play area to go down the slide into the ball pit.

On the choo choo train around the safari. He loved watching all the animals.

Train coming through the tunnel. Connor was talking about all the animals to the other kids the entire time. As well as saying, "All aboard the choo choo train". He was so cute.

Riding the elephant. He kept telling the girl all the names of the animals.

Telling the girl all about all the dinosaurs that he saw.

First time golfing.

Even while cheating, I don't think we have a little Tiger Woods on our hands.

Oh my, oh my, a T. Rex.

Connor was so excited to see Apatosauraus. He was showing that his green golf ball was the same color as the dinosaur.

Yesterday we went to Indoor Safari Park. We had fun-there was a ton of different activities for Connor to play with, ride on, and explore. They had a small play area with slides, trampoline, and ball pit.

Connor had so much fun on the train. He rode it a couple of times. The first time he sat in the middle of two girls, then the second time he sat in the middle of two boys. It was cute to see how much fun he had.

Connor also had a blast riding on the elephant. There was a dinosaur, but it was not working, so he got to wave at it as they walked on past. He told the girl all about all the animals and the different dinosaurs as they walked past each of them.

Golfing was a new experience and didn't last very long. Lots of young kids running around with golf clubs hitting balls around..oh my! I am happy to say we made it out of there safe.

They also had train tables, coloring, animals, and all kinds of play tables. Connor had a blast playing, but there was a few too many people in such a small area. Plus, it was also a HUGE toy store. It was definitely worth going. Dylan enjoyed watching all the kids play.

Then we went to Olive Garden afterwards for a delicious lunch. We were all so hungry and this was perfect! Connor & Dylan enjoyed the breadsticks and pizza. Then it was naptime (in the car) for the boys.


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