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Moved in.

 Friday, October 23, 2009

This is where I pile the empty boxes...however there are so many more boxes to go!

Big orange truck!

Our t.v. looks SO small. Chris says we need a bigger one. Great.

Dylan enjoying all the room to crawl around and explore.

Enjoying some crackers while I made dinner.

Connor pretending to make cookies-they sure sound good.

Connor was so thrilled to see his dinosaurs and animals again.

Well, obviously, we have been busy moving in, trying to unpack, setting up services and such. So, I am finally updating...YAH! We are so incredibly happy to finally be in our new home. We have so much to do. Thank goodness for movers-I couldn't even image having to do all the packing, moving the boxes and furniture on and off a truck. It was enough work telling them where the boxes went and checking off all 400+ from the list. What a long day moving day was, but 2 big trucks and 5 movers later, we got it all done. Now we are just left to the unpacking and putting everything away.

Today is only day five and it is finally starting to look and feel like home. I have been able to make dinner a few nights, which I love not having to eat out---that got old quick! And yesterday I made a stew in the morning, so had the lovely aroma of that cooking all day, so that really made it feel like home. The kitchen is pretty much done, which is a huge relief as it is so much work to wash ALL the dishes and find a new home for them.

Connor & Dylan are loving the upstairs playroom. It really has been a wonderful area for them to play and get all their toys out. They both missed all the toys-they were sick of the same ones day after day.

I will update again soon!


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