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Dallas World Aquarium

 Sunday, October 11, 2009

Connor watching the stingrays up close.

Connor wanted to pet the leopard.

The boys on our way back to the car, Connor with his new Iguana he picked out in the gift shop.

Connor admiring the Sawfish swimming overhead.

Connor loved looking at the sharks, sawfish, and stingrays.

Connor was so excited anytime a shark swam near him. It was so cute.

Dylan's expressions were priceless-he was loving watching the sharks and stingrays swim.

The boys loved all the fish tanks full of fish from around the world.

Pretty fish!

The owl...'whoo whoo" as Connor likes to say.

The flamingos.


Look at this big boy showing off!

Yup, we will sure have our hands full with Dylan in the next few months!

We spent the afternoon at the Dallas World Aquarium and had so much fun. It was so much more than an aquarium! There were penguins, tons & tons of birds, stingrays, sharks, lots of pretty fish, turtles, ducks, flamingos, gators, owls, insects, reptiles, a leopard, and even some bats. Who would have thought there would be such a variety of animals?!? Connor was most intrigued by the sharks (which was the main reason we were going) along with the stingrays.

Connor even attempted to feed some birds blueberries, but insisted I do it instead. I put my crazy bird-phobia aside and did it. Yikes. I was so quick to reach for the hand sanitizer, but Connor was thrilled.

The sharks & stingrays were amazing to watch swim around and above us in the tunnel. Even Dylan enjoyed watching them. Both boys faces were just priceless as they were looking in awe at all the animals. What a great time we had. We will be sure to make it back again.


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