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All about dinosaurs...

 Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How on earth did I fall into this Dinosaur trap??? I am now searching for anything & everything dinosaur. Connor is literally obsessed with dinosaurs. And for some reason, they are every where--on tv (Dinosaur Train), the bookstores are filled with dinosaur books, so many shirts with dinosaurs, stickers, tatooes, the list goes on. Everytime I go shopping, I come back to the hotel with new dino books, dino puzzles, dino games, dino sandwhich cutters, etc. Oh my!!!

So, I have started to look for dinosaur decor for his new room in hopes he will enjoy it so much he will sleep in there all night, by himself, perhaps until 7am and not feel the need to come all the way downstairs to our bed when we finally move into our new house. My fingers are crossed and I am on the hunt. Who knew there was so much dinosaur room decor out there? And some is SO incredible expensive, some just plain ugly, and some just not to my liking. I am pretty sure Connor would be happy with anything dinosaur, so the trick is to find something I like. Ha!

Dino sheets

Dino bedding

Dino decor

The colorful dino sheets are super cute, but way too expensive for just sheets (yes, I am still cheap), I like the quilted comforter from PB, but don't care for the red and blue plaid, and kind of like the last one-actually I think I just like it because it is more neutral colors.

Anyone seen anything better??? Please let me know!


Amy October 1, 2009 at 9:09 AM  

Try the company store kids. They had dinosaur bedding, towels, and decor.

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