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Water Fun!

 Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dylan loves sitting and splashing around in the big bathtub.

Connor & Dylan playing in the bath tub.

The boys splash around and play...little do they know they are getting clean too!

More fun in the tub!

Dylan after the bath tub.

Dylan with Mama in the pool-he loves the water.

Connor with Daddy in the pool doing a great job 'floating'. He has so much fun.

Connor enjoyed jumping in the water. We just need to work on the breath holding.

Connor was having a blast swimming.

Connor says, "Let's Go"

Well, the plane ride from St. Louis to Dallas on Friday went amazingly well. The boys were great and we got lots of funny looks & looks of amazement walking through the airport with ALL our stuff...carrying our bags, carry-on bags, and car seats for the boys! Man, it was such a work-out! But we made it and the flight was super quick.

We got to our hotel late on Friday night, got up early on Saturday morning and starting our house-hunting. Since Saturday we have looked at 40+ houses. WOW! It has been long days, lots of driving around, lots of loading and unloading of the boys, lots of great houses, some disgusting and dirty ones, and lots of different areas of Dallas. But I think we finally settled on an area and a house. YAH! So, we will see if everything works out how it is supposed to. We should know more in the next few days. The boys have been AMAZING with all the craziness. What troopers they are. We are hoping to do something fun tomorrow as a reward to them for being so good. They have definitely enjoyed their baths togther here in the hotel. They are so funny in the tub. They also love the pool here at the hotel so we are able to have some fun besides looking at houses. Although Connor has had a blast going to look at all the houses, he is the first to point out any fish, dinosaurs, or just anything of interest to him. He also says when we leave a house that isn't so great, "Not the home". Funny kid!

Dallas is huge! We haven't even really had much of a chance to explore, but from what we have seen, I think we are really going to like it here. We are excited. Everybody is really nice. Our real estate agent is hilaroius to listen to...the accent and word use is just too funny. I feel like we need to start saying, "y'all" and "yes ma'am".


Beth and Chris Germann September 3, 2009 at 2:02 PM  

I am glad to see that your sharks made it on the trip to Dallas too! Sounds like a fun, productive trip, which is great -- but we still aren't happy you are going!!

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