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 Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dino tattoos!

T-Rex & triceratops tattoos.

BIG gooey chocolate rice crispy treat in the airport! So yummy, but what a mess!


I love my carrots! More please!

Happy Boy!

We made it back to St. Louis on Sunday afternoon. I think we were all glad to be back. Traveling was a lot of work! We had a lot of fun in Dallas, but it is always nice to be home. And we only have a couple of weeks left in St. Louis, which means we have a lot to do here before we move.

Connor couldn't wait to have his cereal and milk when we got home. He was thrilled to have ALL his animals and toys to play with. And we were thrilled to have a home cooked meal. And Connor's favorite part about being at home is having his toast cut into dino shapes-so that was his suprises on Monday morning for breakfast-then for lunch I told him I had a suprise on his plate (which was raspberries), he gets excited and covers his eyes, it is so funny. So, for dinner, I told him to come eat, he walks around the corner with his eyes covered, saying, "suprise, suprise, suprise!". Darn, I didn't have anything special on his plate. Nothing really special you can do with meatloaf! (On a side note, my meatload does not slice very well, so you have to almost scoop it out of the pan with a spoon-but it is very yummy & I normally hate meatloaf!). So, he climbs up onto the chair and he opens his eyes and I say, "Dinosaur poop". Connor thought this was hilarious. And he ended up eating some of it, so whatever works. Eating out for 10 days (for all 3 meals) was too much and we were ready for some normal food! And Dylan even got some nice homemade pureed carrots when we got home, which he LOVED!

Connor's love of dinosaurs is well-known! A neighbor bought some dinosaur tattoos for Connor and he was thrilled. We put 2 of them on yesterday-he loved them!

Although it was nice to cook a meal at home, I could go without doing the dishes and cleaning up afterwards. That part was nice while we were gone. Now back to reality of cooking, cleaning, and laundry. Oh joy! I guess house-hunting was like a vacation for me, although still a lot of work!


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