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Happy 6 months Dylan!

 Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dylan is 6 months old today!

We got some ice cream cupcakes from Coldstone to celebrate Dylan's 6 month birthday!

Dylan enjoyed the whip cream from the yummy cupcakes. He wanted more.

How cute!

Trying so hard to crawl, he is almost there.


I can't believe our little Dylan is already 6 months old. Half a year has gone by. WOW! A lot has happened since he was born. He went on his first plane, had his first long road trip and has now officially moved to Dallas. What a busy life he has had so far.

Dylan still remains our calm, content, and very happy baby boy. He loves to get other people's attention and waits for a smile back. We are going to have our hands full with this one. He has not refused a food yet. He enjoys all the basic baby foods, along with real foods lately such as french fries, bread, bagels, biscuits, chicken nuggets, pasta, whip cream, cookies, granola bars, etc. He loves it all. He is moving around backwards, sideways, and a little forwards. He is ready to crawl, but for some reason can't master it. Boy will I be in trouble when he can really crawl-he already LOVES to get into all Big Brother's toys, which Connor does not appreciate. He still does not have any teeth, so we will see when those decide to pop through.

Happy 6 months Dylan. We love you very much.


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