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Another trip to the zoo...

 Friday, July 3, 2009

After our second trip to the zoo this week, I keep telling Connor that we may as well sleep at the zoo with the monkeys!!! We decided to go with our friends, Cheryl, Noah, and Mady to the zoo on Thursday-it was such a pefect day! We walked through River's Edge (which we normally don't visit) to see the Elephants and Hippos, rode the carousel, had lunch, and played in the Zoomagination area. And saw lots of other animals too. What a fun day we had!

Noah & Connor loved the fish swimming around the Hippos.

Noah & Connor playing with the sea animals.

More sea animal fun!

Connor & Dylan on the carousel.

Connor wanted to ride the seal this time.

The boys in front of the fountain.
A little Picasso???

This was Connor's drawing of a dinosaur. He did this all by himself while I was in the kitchen. He came and got me to show me . He was so proud. I was to, as I think this really does look like a dinosaur. Pretty impressive, since I can't even draw a stick figure.


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